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 Kiksen - Resto shaman *ACCEPTED*

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PostSubject: Kiksen - Resto shaman *PENDING*   Thu Feb 28 2008, 18:05

Hey members of operation crew here's my apply i'm sending you...:

- Name, age and country of residence w/ city.
Hey my name is Kristoffer, I live in Denmark, Copenhagen. I’m 18 years old. Studying at the local high school second year, math and physics, pretty boring, this means that I might got my head stock in the books “sometimes” J. I play football and a lot of different sports in my sparetime. It wont affect my raiding activity.

- Have good understanding of English, both written and oral
I understand english very well, the writing/speaking could be better imo. 9/10 understanding, 7/10 write

- Raiding Experience:
I have experience with ssc/tk and all up to mag/gruul:
6/6 SSC
3/ 4 TK
Pre-TBC: BWL/MC and a little Naxx

- Why you think you would fit us!
I Would like to see all the game PvE content, as a resto shaman, there’s nothing like downing a new boss really gets det adrenalin pumping threw your veins lol!. Have a lot of fun especially in gchat ^^, and make some new friendships. I love to raid and down new bosses, I’ll give myself 110% in raids to reach that goal. And i think you guys can give me such thing, on the highest level of course. I’m also very active, I would say im able to raid all 4 times a week, however if something important occurs… I’m also online on daily bases to see how things is going. Very Happy

- Professions:
Herbalism/Alchemy 375/368, then I can make my own pots/flaks for raids etc. Surprised

- Your former guilds. And if you are in a guild, tell us why you want to leave it for us.
I was in pernicious, it was’nt a place for me, I left. I resently migrated from the server called Twisting Nether, that’s why I have’nt been in any other guild on Ravencrest yet. I've been guildless for the past 3 weeks, and i have applied for 3 guilds, but i got denied.

- Your characters. Mains and Alts.
I got 2x70 1 shaman/resto 1 rogue/sublety

- Your talent build, and a note if your willing to respec for the good of the guild.
My shaman “Kiksen” is hemale, and my current specc is restoration, 0/5/56. I choosed a shaman because it was unknown at the time, then I got bored of dps on my rogue so I powerleveled it up myself, in the summer. I have played wow for 2½ years now, and it’s still fun. I'm willing to respecc for the, but i would prefer to stay resto, thats my thing. Razz

- /played info on your Main and Alts.
Shaman: 40days 30 in level 70
Rogue: 80days 50 in level 70

- Gear of your main and alts. (armory link is fine)

Regards //Kiksen, cheers!
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PostSubject: Re: Kiksen - Resto shaman *ACCEPTED*   Thu Feb 28 2008, 18:10

hmm who did you kill 6/6 bosses in ssc with?
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PostSubject: Re: Kiksen - Resto shaman *ACCEPTED*   Fri Feb 29 2008, 15:40

a good RL friend (were at the same gymnasium) And he's a very skilled healer, always on top in Pernicious and he really made a difference.. Big sign from me
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PostSubject: Re: Kiksen - Resto shaman *ACCEPTED*   Fri Feb 29 2008, 18:54

As I mentioned in my application. I resently migrated to this server! I've cleared ssc with a guild called Perseverance on the server Twisting Nether...
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PostSubject: Re: Kiksen - Resto shaman *ACCEPTED*   

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Kiksen - Resto shaman *ACCEPTED*
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