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 Ravea - Rogue *ACCEPTED*

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PostSubject: Ravea - Rogue *ACCEPTED*   Thu Feb 28 2008, 22:09

- Name, age and country of residence w/ city.
Hello there, my name is Xander/Sander/Alexander (just pick one), I'm 23 years old and I'm a pothead from the Netherlands. I live in Nijmegen (city on the eastern border) and I guess everything is close in the Nehterlands so you could say I live close to Amsterdam.. lawl \o/.

- Have good understanding of English, both written and oral
I'd say my understanding of English is quite good, and yeah.. saying "oral" makes me giggle.. KEK.

- You must be a minimum of 16 years of age.
Check, 23 read the above Smile (holy crap I'm getting old)

- Why you think you would fit us (you are active and want results)
Well normally I always apply for a memberspot like "guild mascotte", yet somehow no guild has that rank.. shame imo. So I would say I would fit because I'm a loyal, active guy that loves to joke around (in a funky fresh way) and have a laugh while making sure all bosses end up as kebab on my swords at the end of a long night fighting pixels!

- Your former guilds. And if you are in a guild, tell us why you want to leave it for us.
Well.. first guild I ever joined was Norther Alliance (I just noticed Nightwonder also made an apply, that mofo was my classleader.. I guess I'm screwed now right?). Anyways.. great guild, hardcore mentality (if you know Andriod you know what I'm talking about). We raided just about everything pre-tbc. And I didn't left them.. those bastards left me for another server. One day I just woke up in IF standing alone... godamnit.

After NA I found a cozzy guild called Pinioned, casual raiding days casual guild, I guess you know what happens then.. 50% of that guild (including the guild leadership) created " Devide et Impera" Casual guild.. yet hardcore raiding (raided 4 times per week). This all happend after TBC and we got up to SSC, The EYE... then the slack/inactivity stepped in from some core-members (alot of them) which basically killed it.

After this, I've never been in a " serious " guild actually, one of my irl mates got like 20 dutch potheads to transfer over from Bloodfeather to Ravencrash. We just all jumped on the dutch loltrain and I've been trying to push all the slackers (most of them green/blue geared) through kara. At the moment, I'm basically the only 1 online trying to get a raid up there... and ofcourse I'm fed up with that slack now and ready for the big guns again.

This " dutchtrain" was basically on my 70 priest, during this I've been playing pvp on my rogue (got up to 400 resilience and a highest 2 vs 2 rating of 1900 untill my partner went inactive/stopped) (the dutch made 2 guilds, Extreme dutchies, geee great name.. and Prio Nocta; which means something like: a King that can hump all the ladies in the kingdom) All this Dutch madness happened during the last 2 months.

- Your characters. Mains and Alts.
Main Char:
Ravea, 70 rogue. Been playing this since stonehenge.. I love to play rogue and I like to think I'm UBER skilled.
Vulch, 70 Priest
Healing is funky aswell
Cheyenne, 59 Hunter
Rival, 43 Mage
- Your talent build, and a note if your willing to respec for the good of the guild.
Well currently it's a fucked up shadowstep spec, and hell yeah I would respec back to teh combat for the guild.
- /played info on your Main and Alts.
I'm not an afk-er so around 150 raw days played on my main Ravea.
My /played on my alts is around 80 combined.
- Gear of your main and alts. (armory link is fine)

linking the other 2 alts isn't really worth your time... o_O

On Ravea I probably got my PVP gear on, ofcourse I also got full epix PVE gear, mainly tier 4 and some SSC/TK gear. Total of 300 hit rating buffed. (I'll try to keep on the PVE gear so you'll get a better idea of it when checking armory)

The gear you're looking at when checking Vulch is my Holy PVE gear (1700 bonus healing). Besides that I also got some nice shadow gear (some epix.. 8 or 9 in bank).

Anyways, it would rock if I'd be able to join you guys (hopefully along side Nightwonder, would be even more awesome). I have no doubts I would fit in the guild (since I also know some more of the members that are in already) and I would be honored if I could be the first guild mascotte in history.

Ps. lol! afro <=== really wanted to use those emoticons.
pps. If you need more info or got any questions, please do ask or /w me in game
ppps. nope, nothing here

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PostSubject: Re: Ravea - Rogue *ACCEPTED*   Fri Feb 29 2008, 02:26

BIG recommendation! This guy is the shit. He was rogue class officer in Pinioned/Divide Et Impera and a really good player. He's dedicated and trustworthy, BIG vouch from me.
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PostSubject: Re: Ravea - Rogue *ACCEPTED*   Fri Feb 29 2008, 05:09

Yarr! Vouch i say!

Great dps, great guy.. and great humor!

And he's dedicated, keeps his gear top enchanted and doesnt have a problem using consumables.

Definetly worthy of following us to the top ^_^

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PostSubject: Re: Ravea - Rogue *ACCEPTED*   Fri Feb 29 2008, 08:14

visit http://rehab.com/ and lay off the dope.
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PostSubject: Re: Ravea - Rogue *ACCEPTED*   Fri Feb 29 2008, 13:17

/gief Ravea!<3 was with him in Pinioned/Divide et impera and he always was our top dps. He really knows his class and and he is a VERY active player
Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Ravea - Rogue *ACCEPTED*   Fri Feb 29 2008, 18:40

@ work, getting all aroused by the hot replies, got a boner now.. GREAT! Good thing I got a big desk.

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PostSubject: Re: Ravea - Rogue *ACCEPTED*   Sat Mar 01 2008, 17:27

first guild mascotte ey?....hmmm i think i fit that profile more then anyone!!! mhuhahahahaha!!!
im guildmascotte specced...since 3 years... Cool Cool Cool

good application btw:P
kiss kiss
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PostSubject: Re: Ravea - Rogue *ACCEPTED*   

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Ravea - Rogue *ACCEPTED*
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