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 Frostschok - Elemental shaman *DECLINED*

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PostSubject: Frostschok - Elemental shaman *DECLINED*   Thu Feb 28 2008, 22:19

Hey There! Very Happy

Who am I:
My name is Kris and i am 17 years old, turning 18 in two months. I'm from Denmark (dkdk, lol), I live in the city of Esbjerg. The majority of my spare time is used in front of my screen, so I guess I will be a active player.

Understanding of English:
I would say that I lack abit of English skills, my problem isn’t that I can’t understand what people say. The problem would be my gramma/writing.

My former and current guild:
I am in <Iento> at the moment, which was a semi active guild when i joined it. <Iento> were raiding ZA (3/6) and KZ (cleared), which is all i have done in tbc with <Iento>.
- Why would I leave <Iento> to join <Operation Crew>:
I would like to join a raiding guild to suit my pve needs, <Iento> isn’t raiding raiding atm. I would also prefer to join the same guild as Nightwonder and Truok. Furthermore <Operation Crew> is at a point in pve where I won’t lack too much behind and still know the tactics.
< Infinity>: i have been healing alittle in their raids on a character called ”Nixasen” which gave me experience in TK (cleared) and SSC (cleared).
<Synthetic>: I know it is alittle while since Synthetic, but i mention it anyway to point that i have tried highend raiding, so it won't be new to me and won't scare me away.

My characters:

Frostschok: (34 days played) is my pve char and is what i will use in raids.
Gear: It haven't got the best gear, but i am working on it and it still lack enchants, but they will be made. Specc and gear will be found in the link listet below:
Specc: for max dmg/spell hit/spell crit and alittle buff for casters. Site note on this, I am collectiong healing gear, socketing and enchanting it. I did love to specc healing if needed. But I will of course do my best to improve my gear.

Easle: (35 days played) is my pvp character and there isn’t really much more to it. Got a few tanking epics ofc, but I would prefer to keep it as my pvp character.
Specc: MS for pvp and rest is for max dmg/survivabilty
Gear: The gear of my warrior is mainly pvp gear, it doesn’t have any raiding dps gear other then my pvp gear. But then again, I am not planning on any pve gaming on this char, but if needed I would use it in pve.

My alts:
Eas: 2 days 2 hours @ 40, sort of twink shadow priest.
Ebaylawl 4 days played @ 2, my walljumping bank char.
Sømpistol 1 days 7 hours played @ 27.

It might seem that i don't have much played compared to what i say about being used to highend raiding, but i had another account pre-tbc as only few know of. I played a character called “Eas” (have recently been renamed to “Ske”) in <Synthetic>. Now my /played should make more sence with what i say.

Why would i like to join / What I would tribute with:
I play gnome female - you want me! Razz
I would like to join since you seem to fit my needs (and Nightwonder and Truok applied here too, we are looking for a place to join and raid.). I can tribute with a active player, which is aiming for atleast 80%-90% raid attendance. Also, I know how highend raiding is, so it won’t be a problem for me to be prepared for raids. But as a person I see myself as a fair and forgiving person, which has a need for serious raiding. But when of raid I like to have plain simple fun. I might not have archived alot of things in pve since tbc post, but I can ensure that I will do my best to do as good as I possibly can do.

- Frostschok 70 Shaman.
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PostSubject: Experience   Fri Feb 29 2008, 16:59

I see that i have forgotten to tell you about my experience in pve.
Naxx: 9/12
Post tbc:
Kz: cleared
ZA: 3/6
Ssc: cleared
TK: cleared
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PostSubject: Re: Frostschok - Elemental shaman *DECLINED*   Fri Feb 29 2008, 18:05

I'm afraid to say we have decided to decline you due to your gear.
You can get better gear, do your professions and do everything u can to improve yourself
and reappli when you feel u have done better.
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PostSubject: Re: Frostschok - Elemental shaman *DECLINED*   Fri Feb 29 2008, 19:51

Flums wrote:
do your professions
was thinking of redoing them for tailoring to get more healing gear tbh. so that would be why they aren't high. :>

Anyway, i would like to say thanks anyways. You are fast at replying peoples applications, that is nice.
- Thank you. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Frostschok - Elemental shaman *DECLINED*   

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Frostschok - Elemental shaman *DECLINED*
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