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 Kain - Shadow Priest *ACCEPTED*

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PostSubject: Kain - Shadow Priest *ACCEPTED*   Tue Mar 04 2008, 00:51

Personal info
Name: Steinar Myhr
Age: 19
Country: Norway
City: Trondheim

English skill :
Oral - 275/300
Written 300/300

Why do i want to join?:
Well, It seems like OC is a very good guild with nice people. And it also seems like your going to progress like hell. I just started playing priest again, and i really want to get into a good guild, and a guild that fits my experience. Since I got experience from 4/5 MH and 2 in BT, I think OC is the perfect fit for me.

Former guilds :
I was in Paradigm Shift @ Talnivarr on my Mage. And there we cleared alot. But i felt i needed some new challenges, so i transferred my priest here, and it's my new main.

Pre Tbc i did all the shit with my first priest, as a healer that is, but right before tbc I sold him, and earned quite alot money. And ofcourse I regret it, since I started playing two months later. But here i am again, with a new priest(not that good healing tho) But, I'm a dedicated player, and I know everything about every instance here in Azeroth/Outlands.

Characters, alts and stuff:
Kain - 70 Priest (Ravencrest)
70 rogue (Talnivarr)
70 mage (Talnivarr)
59 Warrior (Talnivarr)
43 hunter(Talnivarr)

Gonna transfer some of them asap when i get money.

Atm i'm 20/0/41 PVP specced, But I'll gladly respec to PvE if i get accepted. I also can spec healing, but my gear there aint really the best. liek 1100 ish healing(pretty crappy)

52 days, 5 hours

Armory link :

As it seems, this is my PvP gear.

In PvE i got 1083 shadowdmg, and enough hit. got frozen shadowweave, spellstrike leggs and head, seer's signet, dmg cloak from karazhan. If you could whisper me ingame, i'll gladly show you.

Love Kain
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PostSubject: Re: Kain - Shadow Priest *ACCEPTED*   Tue Mar 04 2008, 01:05

Everyone wants to be my friend. Smile
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Kain - Shadow Priest *ACCEPTED*
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