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 töntig - Mage *DECLINED*

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PostSubject: töntig - Mage *DECLINED*   Mon Mar 10 2008, 22:20

my name is kim and im a 22year old boy from Norway..

my character its Töntig 70gnome mage with 10days playtime @lvl 70.
i play mage becouse i think its a funy clas and love to make good dps:)
my talents are 10/48/3(deep fire)can respecc if needed.

Got more spellhit gear and Green stam gear for gruul tanking on bank.

im playing like 5-12hours everyday when im not got a work at this moment.so raiding times i can join its allmost everyday,dont need to go to bed 23aclock.

Im played in a guild named <calitus ut abysses> But left becouse they dont got focus for raids and standing at same spot.

start to play after Tbc so dont got ecperience with pre Tbc raids.

Mount hyal:never been
bt:never been
ZA:Nalorakk,akil´zon and Janálai


my proffesions i got for crafting my gear and farm herbs for pots and make money for repair bills and stuff like that.

My goals with wow its to be a bether player and learn more about the game and the most important have fun:D

i read about operation Crew on realm forum @ wow-europe.com and i think it looks like your a good guild.
Im not sure that i know someone in the guild but hopefull i know many of you soon.

If you not think my application its interesting i wish you good luck and hope the best for your guild.

thats a bit about me
Cya around
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PostSubject: semms like i forgot to paste the armory link so here it come   Mon Mar 10 2008, 23:49

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PostSubject: hmm armory link   Mon Mar 10 2008, 23:50

try again when its not work last time
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PostSubject: Re: töntig - Mage *DECLINED*   Mon Mar 10 2008, 23:53

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PostSubject: link   Mon Mar 10 2008, 23:57

Thank you very mutch seems like some bad when i try to post the link:(

but now you got it..
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PostSubject: Re: töntig - Mage *DECLINED*   Wed Mar 12 2008, 19:27

We've decided to decline you due to your low experience.
GL finding something else.
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PostSubject: Re: töntig - Mage *DECLINED*   

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töntig - Mage *DECLINED*
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