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 Overmistress - Druid *DECLINED*

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PostSubject: Overmistress - Druid *DECLINED*   Mon Mar 17 2008, 08:59

Personal Info

I'll start by telling you a bit about myself.
My real life name (yes you even get that, rejoice!) is Jonas, I come from and am currently living in Norway. Im 19 years old (turning 20 this year) and I am actually married (ya... don't ask.. LSD is an hell of a drug...)
I am working now and then if it suites me, mostly got enough money due to my dad and (well you get the picture, enough introduction).

On to my wow story:

First of all I will make it VERY CLEAR that Overmistress is now considered my main and I will NOT go back to Xavius even when Sunwell gets out to play with Maifax.

When I first starting playing this game I started a druid on Sunstrider (from the very beginning of wow) named Overmistress. I started out as restoration because I had 4 other irl friends playing on the same server leveling up with me and that kinda made it perfect for 5man instances. However at 60 after I reached BWL in pve and about rank 8 in pvp I respecced feral (mainly because another feral druid left the guild at that point). Then the guild started to go pretty bad so alot of ppl left and I ended up doing pvp for some time. Ended up at rank 13 while leading a premade for couple of months. When I had that completed I ended up in the number one guild on Sunstrider named Randoms, we cleared everything up to Khel Thuzas in Naxxramas and of course all other instances fully cleared.
However, I guess many of you remember the patch that made rank 13 set buyable from honor (well, the tbc patch) and such 1 month before the release of tbc itself. I got kinda irritated by this, also because the server went so laggy at that time so we where not able to raid at all and never got Khel Thuzad down! So I ended up deleting all my gear and the character 2 weeks before tbc and tried to quit the game.
But as smart as I where I managed to had the tbc game preordered by mail and could not really keep my hands of it when I got it.
But starting a new character was never my strong side. so I ended up getting a 60 druid on Xavius from an irl friend who stopped playing (While I was still whining at GM's to give me my character and gear back on Overmistress Sunstrider.)
So I looked a bit around on Xavius with this new druid (whos name is Maifax btw) and ended up applying to the top guild named My Littel Pwny of all things. I also got in due to my pre tbc experience. So I started raiding with those guys and then eventually when I got my gear back on Overmistress I transfered that character to Xavius as well, but then the other druid where already so well geared that I only used it as an alt.
Then some time into the game we evetually downed Illidan (ocotber 7th 2007 right past midnight! if you wanna check the guild) Then continued to raid for a few months after to eventually everyone started to get what they wanted on their mains, including me of course. so we started to raid with our alts and just relaxing to Sunwell gets out. So I transfered Overmistress back to Sunstrider to play with some old friends there and raid a bit for fun instead of with the guild on Xavius. However im tired of playing restoration (wich is the specc Maifax the main druid is) and would really like to continue playing on Overmistress as feral. The reason I am transfering here is because sunstrider is just not the same as when I where there before and I do know a few guys here irl.

Here is an armory link for Maifax, however im mainly restoration and do have full tier 6 for that, lately you will most likely see the feral gear on.
you can also back that up by the Illidan kill picture wich you will see me in full resto gear (not that good as it is now though) on the webpage linked earlier. (www.sevensins-wow.com)

Now that you know that story, on to the rest of the application;)

Character Info

Name: Overmistress
Class: druid
Race: Night elf female, I picked this faction and race due to the rest of my friends starting alliance and me wanting to play a hybrid. also I could not stand playing several hours a day looking on some male's back.
Professions: Herbalism and Leatherworking: I chose herbalism because of cheaper pots and something to do on my sparetime and Leatherworking due to patterns from endgame instances.
Attunements: Overmistress is attuned to both MH and BT yes.
PvE Gear: it might be the dps gear showing, however I got 2 parts tier 5, full tier 4, and alot of random epic tanking items from MH/ssc/tk.
PvP / Offspec Gear: Overmistress' pvp gear is mostly S1 and S2 + most of the honor buyable gear. The healing gear is full epic from karazhan/tk/ssc with the best enchants available. The dps gear is full epic as well from ssc/tk/mh got best gems and enchants available there as well.

WoW Experience

Pre-TBC Raiding Experience: as I mentioned abou I have cleared everything pre tbc besides Khel Thuzad himself, really a shame=( I also got great experience beeing raid leader in all of those instances, since I ended up as an officer in Randoms after some time.
TBC Raiding Experience: I have of course also cleared everything in TBC as mentioned abou, and here I where GM/officer on Xavius so I got leader experience now as well, also handling dkp if that does mather.
Alts / Previous Mains: no alts below 30 or abou 45 besides these 2 druids. However I have played some friends charactes at 70 (warlock, paladin, shammy, mage, rogue, warrior and priest)
Arena Experience: My highest rated team where with my "alt" Overmistress on Xavius with a frost mage named Baldone, had it at 2035 rating one week.

I'd also like to say that im a social type, I got a microphone and I enjoy sitting up late just chatting to ppl really. Im not afraid to speak to put it like that;)
Also im friendly, quick at making friends and im always at raid on time! (well I had to be cause I where the raid leader most often).
Also I just gotta say that sleep is something you do when there is downtime in the raid, when your on a flightpath from IF to ZA or when your char is eating/drinking;)

Other Info

Why you left your previous guild: I left Sunstrider for the reason I told in the beginning, irritated of the pre tbc patch making everyone able to get the rank 13-14 (so on) gear and that we where not able to kill Khel Thuzad.
Anyone you know in Imba: Can't say I do no, im hoping to get to know them though.
Attendance: I got a player of 120 days on Maifax and 190 on Overmistress. My attendance can be up to 16 hours a day, depends if I got work the day after or not, and im available to raid 6 days a week at least. the only exceptions are if something important irl comes up.
What you do outside of raiding: I work out 4 days a week and 2 days of jogging, besdies that partying a bit with friends, usely on saturday. Also I do have a job, working for the newspaper my dad owns.

Im hoping to hear from you shortly and that you "enjoyed" reading this long application. Keep in mind, what I lack in gear I make up for in ingame experience, knowledge of the instances and raid leading abilites!
Btw, Iím happy to answer any questions or add a few things if I managed to leave something important out of the application. Also if you speak with me I can also meet you ingame on the other servers if you are interressted in seeing the other characters live.
imo as long as you got the skills required to do as your supposed, the gear will come quick=) Cya!
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PostSubject: Re: Overmistress - Druid *DECLINED*   Mon Mar 17 2008, 11:50

LOL its not my forum or anything but i cant say i loled here
Busted with copy paste ? =))

Quote :
Anyone you know in Imba: Can't say I do no, im hoping to get to know them though.

I LOLED lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Overmistress - Druid *DECLINED*   Mon Mar 17 2008, 11:58

Well. It was a nice app. Until i saw the that sentences too . :/
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PostSubject: Re: Overmistress - Druid *DECLINED*   Tue Mar 18 2008, 01:36

Ya, im sorry about that, I wrote the application first of all to apply to Imba yes. However you guys are much more suited for my level of gear, and I do not mind reprogressing troughout tbc of course. I whope you still will consider it!
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PostSubject: Re: Overmistress - Druid *DECLINED*   Tue Mar 18 2008, 04:10

he got declined by imba btw
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PostSubject: Re: Overmistress - Druid *DECLINED*   Tue Mar 18 2008, 09:24

good xp. and hey imo applications arent ment to be only for 1 guild(but delete the imba part). not like anyone only try get a new job irl only 1 place. no u try more then 1 place.

GL getting inside the walls
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PostSubject: Re: Overmistress - Druid *DECLINED*   Tue Mar 25 2008, 02:52

or.. a whole new point of view..

you could go fuck yourself.

Next time u pick a name of someone u want to be..
Pick someone we don't know.

// Flums - Officer of Operation Crew
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PostSubject: Re: Overmistress - Druid *DECLINED*   Tue Apr 01 2008, 09:27

Flums wrote:
or.. a whole new point of view..

you could go fuck yourself.

Next time u pick a name of someone u want to be..
Pick someone we don't know.


Aint it the real person you know Flums?
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PostSubject: Re: Overmistress - Druid *DECLINED*   

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Overmistress - Druid *DECLINED*
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