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 Lorinth - 70 Protection Warrior *DECLINED*

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PostSubject: Lorinth - 70 Protection Warrior *DECLINED*   Tue Mar 18 2008, 02:04

Mjello guys in Operation Crew Smile

Im a former RC gamer from Denmark, babtised Theis and living in a northern town called Frederikshavn.. Im a 21 year old mature dude with like, alot of spare time, actually atm. I do nothing but play WoW.
The matter of the fact is, the reason why I'm interested in joining your ranks is that I played on RC since the release of WoW and played in Synthetic back in the old days on my Priest who I later on sold. After that I started a warrior 4 months ago on another realm to play with some irl m8's, who then decided to quit the game. That made me regret what I did, and even tho I have made some new friends there, the level of skills isnt the same on TarrenMill as it is on RC - I talked with Whittler who send me to your forum to make an apply, that's reason 1. Reason 2 is, as you later on will see, that I have gotten like, nowhere on that realm, though my played is 51 days, I havent been to ssc yet. Farmed my resistance gear but never went there due to slackers in the guild. I know all the tactics there ofc, since my priority number one is to arrive well prepared - Always flasked and repaired.

Info on my chars:

1. Main - Lorinth - http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Tarren+Mill&n=Lorinth

Otherwise, here comes what I told you earlier to expression, my gear isnt something good at all - But... its not the gear that makes threat and with my attendancy the crap gear should be exchanged fast Smile

2. My farm bot - Kumme - http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Tarren+Mill&n=Kumme

As you probably can see, I dont really enjoy playing hunter, but he is a nescessary tool for my personal progress in pve - Flasks, pots etc are needed and its no good to farm as a protection warrior !

Talent build: My main is ofcourse Protection, I would prefer not to be anything but protection since thats what's most challenging - But if you really need me to, I will ofc respec Smile
Since my alt is my farm bot he is naturaly BM specced.

I will try and make the rest as short and exact as possible - But guys, you need to pick me for one thing only - I am the man, best suited for the job in your guild - If you have any doubts - Tell me to migrate, take me in as Initiate and I will show you I can do the job Smile

Looking forward to hear from you
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PostSubject: Re: Lorinth - 70 Protection Warrior *DECLINED*   Mon Apr 07 2008, 11:32

sorry we are full on prot warriors atm, sry for the late replay to Sad

I do not serve the light, the light serves me!
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PostSubject: Re: Lorinth - 70 Protection Warrior *DECLINED*   Mon Apr 07 2008, 18:13

Hey Theis!

DU siger du er 21 og fra federikshavn. spillede du også håndbold der i dine ynglinge år ?? Smile tro nemli jeg kender dig så. Razz

/Morten Kristensen, sindal 20 år.
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PostSubject: Re: Lorinth - 70 Protection Warrior *DECLINED*   

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Lorinth - 70 Protection Warrior *DECLINED*
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