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 Irmo - Holy Priest *ACCEPTED*

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PostSubject: Irmo - Holy Priest *ACCEPTED*   Tue Mar 25 2008, 19:16


I'm applying in Operation Crew for Irmo, a NE holy/disc priest. In real Life my name is Pierre Olivier, i'm currently an engineer in NXP in Caen, France. I'm 24 years old.

After a 2 months break due to various RL issues to deal with (christmas holiday + move in another flat) i 'd like to restart raiding and am therefore applying in Operation Crew as my current guild (Saga) decided to stop raiding. I'll be honest it's not my first application, some friends indicated me several guild (Pernicious and Stasis) where i already applied but due to the lack of spot or a bad raid schedule i couldn't join them. So don't be surprised to find a application (very similar to this one) of me on their forums. Now Operation crew interested me since it would allow me to restart raiding in a guild still progressing in the pve content - i'd like to participate at the progression of a group. You displayed a great progress in only slighly more than one month of existence and thus looks like the kind of guild i'm aiming for, focused toward pve progress. I also saw that you have one former member of Saga - Sameold.

My main focus is the pve, my goal being the discovering of new encounter in a focus yet nice and mature group - the preparations, the wipes and the adrenaline rush when everything, and the whole group is in right place leading to the kill - As a result i always try to maintain the best possible focus in raid and to come prepared (reagents, flasks) and try to stay constructive. I have always been a healer with Irmo and i'm thus starting to have a decent experience in raid healing - whether i'm skilled or not, i'll leave it to your appreciation. I really enjoy the raid healing especially since tbc since it requires a constant focus and the gestion of multiples aspects making it even more rewarding when well done. During this last year and half i have been in 2 guilds, Organized Chaos on Dunemaul and Bladefist
and Saga here on Ravencrest. Both were nice guilds with a lot of nice players that allowed me to discover the raiding part of WOW pre-tbc and post-tbc. Alas after some promising start we suffered from the loss of players, which lead to the disbanding of OC and the end of any kind of raiding in Saga. I stayed until the end for both - and it's alas the end for Saga too so i guess it's time for me to find a
new home.

Concerning my attendance, I raid an average of 3 times/week (19:00-00:00(sometimes more if necessary)) with a priority given to 25 man and i am frequently online for a few hours the other days to give a hand/10man/whatever. I'm available everyday except tuesday and friday (sport), so i can join almost
every raid of your raid and I'll have no problem to sustain an attendance superior at 60%. If you are wondering why my raid time is limited at an average of 3 raid/week (can be more, can sometimes be less if big RL issue), since i started to raid a year and half ago i decided to limit my online presence to avoid any burn out and to be able to carry on for a long period of times which explain why i'm not
online/raiding every available day to be able to keep a good balance between RL and WOw. It also allow me to make the necessary preparations for the raids (herb gathering for pots/flasks, dailies quests for the reparations)


Stats Unbuffed:
Regen OOFSR:402mp5
Regen IFSR:163mp5
I tend to try to have a well rounded character rather than trying to max one stat ( for this reason i'm not a fan of the crafted items like the MoonCloth robe due to the lack of a stat like stam sthing that became increasingly useful in TBC with the the numerous Aoe damage during boss fights). My stamina is currently acceptable so i'm now concentrating on +heal/spirit/+mp5.

Professions: 375 Enchanter / 375 Herborists - turned out to be the best professions for me by allowing me to have an unlimited supply of mana pots/flasks/elixirs and to keep my gear enchanted.

Spec: 25 Disc / 36 Holy
This spec is a little modification of the classical Imp DS spec that allow me to get the blessed resilience talent and thus some limited pvp/arena survivability aswell as a good mana efficiency in dispelling tasks while keeping a good pve spec (only losing 3 points in Empowered Healing). More generally it allows me to have a good mana efficiency with talents like Mental agility,Inner Focus and Holy concentration (both being very useful to stay OOFSR) and buffing ability while loosing some healing power and a group heal (CoH). Ican modify my spec for a CoH healing spec if we have enough Divine Spirit buffing bot. A shadow spec.... well i'm lacking in gear and i don't have much experience in it. I started to work on it since i came back (~2 weeks ago) but it would take me around 2 weeks more to get around 1000 spell damage + hitcapped for a starter gear. I can consider this spec though.


AQ20: Cleared
ZG: Cleared
MC: Cleared
BWL: Chrommagus

Kara: Cleared
ZA: Nalorrak, Aki'lzon and Halazzi down
Gruul: Cleared
Magtheridon: Cleared
SSC: Hydross, Lurker with Saga - Morogrim, Leotheras, Karathress in my trial run with Pernicious
TK: Lootreaver

I have ofc access to every heroic instance.
Concerning the MH/BT attunement, i still have to get the 2 flasks from Vashj and Kael. Concerning the BT attunement, i have to kill Ala'r and Rage Winterchill - but the 2.4 is near hopefully (one week max i guess/hope).

Thx for the time spent reading this app, If you have any question/remarks, feel free to contact me.
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PostSubject: Re: Irmo - Holy Priest *ACCEPTED*   Thu Mar 27 2008, 21:04

You have been accepted. Smile
Whisper Cossie, lolhaxx or Flumse ingame for invite.

// Flums - Officer of Operation Crew
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Irmo - Holy Priest *ACCEPTED*
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