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 Elemental shaman - Tepi *ACCEPTED*

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PostSubject: Elemental shaman - Tepi *ACCEPTED*   Tue Apr 22 2008, 02:35

About me:
-Name: Lennart 'Lelle' Jakobsson
-Age: 28
-Location: Uddevalla, Sweden
-Connection: about 10/1 down up, stable enough
-Non-WoW Commitments (School, Job, Family etc): part time job before 17.00 weekdays as a computer technician

My character:
-Class: Shaman
-Race (explain why did you choose it): Dranei, female.. cute little tail + its the class to play if you wanna be shaman on alliance side Wink
-Armory link: Tepi@ravencrest
-Offspec description: I've been playing resto in raids for a long time, so i got gear enough for BT and I know how to use it.
-Your role in a raid(10/25/40man): I buff my groups dps and I deal damage, probably less than a mage or warlock, but I try to do my very best in every encounter.
-Resistance gears: nope, none yet.. working on getting primal shadow for the shadow res gear

-History: Oh.. i started playing wow in the open beta version, ages ago.. Ive played rogue, hunter, warrior, priest, warlock, druid and shaman up to high level and to some extent raided with all of them. Divided around 3 different servers aswell, Stormrage, Darkspear and Ravencrest. Raided pretty hardcore pre-tbc but never got to clear Naxx or AQ40 so thats a bummer for me, the best guild on the server I was on at the time wasnt good enough.

I took a break when TBC was released and got back into the game after about 8-9 months and after a while I felt like raiding again so I tried some different things. Had my own guild (which is still healthy back on the darkspear realm, tho low progress), then started here on Ravencrest for real and joined up with Auroraborealis couse I had real life friends around here. as a shaman Ive always felt more in tune with the Elemental side and thats what i have enjoyed most, unfortunatly the guild needed me as a healer all the time so I didnt get a chance to do what I wanted. Think im giving answer to latter questions, but this is the reason I want to join OC.

-Attunements (hyjal ring): got Kael bit of it.
-Pre TBC raiding Experience: everything up to twin emperors in AQ40 and first 3 or so bosses in Naxx
-TBC raiding Experience: everything up to reliquary of souls including bloodboil in BT, full clear of MH. no sunwell experience yet.

-Your playtime:
Im probably available all days from 18.00 due to work, weekends might be more or less, depends if the girlfriend is around or not, she usually lives a long way from here, but she visits during the weekends sometimes, in which case i have to prioritize her ofc Smile

-Why do you wanna join Operation Crew? replied in my long history thingy Wink
-What do you expect from Operation Crew? I expect this place to be fun from what ive seen on tradechat tonight Razz and Flumse seems like a good enough dude.
-Do you know anyone in Operation Crew? nope, cant say I do
-Why do you wanna leave your current guild(if you're in a guild): also replied earlier.. Im leaving couse I want a chance to play the way I really want to and they wont allow me at this moment.
-Xrealm or Ravencrest native? Native, but ive played on other realms with other characters.
-Are you the original owner of this account?: yes!
-Total playtime of your character: 24d 20h (think I got like 300d+ in total Razz)
-If you have any other comments: none other than hope you enjoyed my little post Wink and that its readable, lots of text.
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PostSubject: Re: Elemental shaman - Tepi *ACCEPTED*   Tue Apr 22 2008, 04:56

We are in lack of elemental shamans yes if u can keep a high attendence it would rly be nice with one. And i think its rly important that u think its fun what u are playing

I do not serve the light, the light serves me!
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Elemental shaman - Tepi *ACCEPTED*
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