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 joining guild

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PostSubject: joining guild   Mon May 19 2008, 23:54

About me:
-Name: Emil
-Age: 16
-Location: Denmark
-Connection: i dont know what means but if it internet mine is telia
-Non-WoW Commitments (School, Job, Family etc): i go to school

My character:
-Class: Rogue
-Race (explain why did you choose it): im gnome i play gnome because i like they are tiny and beaty Smile
-Armory link:
-Offspec description: Im rogue but i got all kind of weapons
-Your role in a raid(10/25/40man): my role is dps and CC
-Resistance gears: dont got very much but can get if you want mee to have some
-History: i dont realy got one if you mean like RP server chars got
-Attunements (hyjal ring): i can go to most of the big raids
-Pre TBC raiding Experience: not so much a little from AQ
-TBC raiding Experience: got exp with ssc Tk kara za gruuls maggy and a little from MH

-Your playtime:
Monday: i can play
Tuesday: maybe i can a little here in the summer
Wednesday: i can play
Thursday: maybe i can but not sure
Sunday: i can play

-Why do you wanna join Operation Crew? because i like your play style and it looks awesome
-What do you expect from Operation Crew? a good raiding guild some good friends and all that kind of things
-Do you know anyone in Operation Crew? I play some arena with squu and have talked to her abou joining guild
-Why do you wanna leave your current guild(if you're in a guild): i dont got guild its strong for me to find raiding guild so havent been in any one since 1 month ago or so.....
-Xrealm or Ravencrest native? only ravencrest i love the realm!
-Are you the original owner of this account?: ofcourse its mine
-Total playtime of your character: 60 days
-If you have any other comments: i realy want to get in i can give you a nice rogue who know o play his char and i hope you can give me raiding progress
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PostSubject: Re: joining guild   Tue May 20 2008, 00:57

ladd wrote:
-Do you know anyone in Operation Crew? I play some arena with squu and have talked to her abou joining guild

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joining guild
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