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 hunter apply BM

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PostSubject: hunter apply BM   Fri May 30 2008, 00:03

About me:



The netherlands. Flushing

good connection i never DC

About myself:
Hi im Mitch. got lots of hobbys. i do karate and ofcourse i love to play wow in my spare time

My character:

-Race (explain why did you choose it):
I take Night elf cause it looks very cool and just always wanted to be a high dps Smile

-Armory link:

-Offspec description:
My main specc is beast mastery and i do have gear for other specs. My goal is to have fun and have progress with the guild and some gear should be brilliant too xD

-Your role in a raid(10/25/40man):
always Dps and i never over aggro and my dps is high ofc. Smile

-Resistance gears:
When i found guild where i can use shadow resistance gear i will start to farm that so fast that i can.

I started playing wow 3 years ago. i really liked the ambiance of it and the nice people. i had lots of guilds and like 1 week ago i transfered to this server. i was in love with the server in like minute. I started contacting operation crew cause it seemed a great guild. also lots of people in it Smile. in the future i want to be part pf the guild and be kind and do my very best.

-Attunements (hyjal ring):
I need to kill kaelthas for my ring Very Happy

-Pre TBC raiding Experience:
I do got experience from pre TBC.

-TBC raiding Experience:
kara, gruul, maggy, ssc 6/6, tk 3/4, hyjal 5/5

-Your playtime:Next times are estimated times.
Monday:~17-till the end
Tuesday:~17-till the end
Wednesday:~17-till the end
Thursday:~17-till the end
Sunday:~17-till the end


-Why do you wanna join Operation Crew?
Im looking for a kind guild with big progress and just pew pew

-What do you expect from Operation Crew?
I expect good progress and good game spirit.

-Do you know anyone in Operation Crew?
nobody just transfered but you always can whisp me to have a talk xD

-Why do you wanna leave your current guild(if you're in a guild):
i transfered cause i wanted more challenge in the game and it just seems very nice to progress with an imba guild

-Xrealm or Ravencrest native?
ravencrest i leveled my character at the ravencrest and i dont got anything against ravencrest so i staying here.

-Are you the original owner of this account?:

-Total playtime of your character:
100 days

-If you have any other comments:
i got summer vacation so i can raid all days
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PostSubject: Re: hunter apply BM   Fri May 30 2008, 01:31

--- don know wot to say you mis 30+ hit .. you gems if not rigt set up and speck is rong if you don gat serpent swiftness as a bm do tel me way a you sat up for pvp .. i stranes at if this spek is you pve jos thelle me that you don know a lot a baut hunters if it is to pve
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hunter apply BM
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