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 Silveryn - Night Elf Beast Mastery Hunter.

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PostSubject: Silveryn - Night Elf Beast Mastery Hunter.   Fri May 30 2008, 16:41

I am posting an application with Gaspard, as I wish to join your guild with him and raid with you.

-Name: Eugene Zhdanov

-Age: 18

-Location: Vienna, Austria.

6 Mbit xDSL, very stable, changed providers about a month ago and it's been going much more smoothly than my old one.

-Non-WoW Commitments (School, Job, Family etc):
School is practically over, I'm free. Having said that, i'll be moderately busy until the 13th of June due to people visiting for the next two weeks who I have an obligation to be with, after which I will go on holiday for a week until the 20th or 21st, and after that I'll be completely free for the rest of summer. I may or may not get a job, but it will more than likely not interfere with my evenings in either case. I am unlikely to go on any holidays after the 21st, as I do not find the idea of staying in some hotel with my parents and my little sister the ideal image of a relaxing summer Razz

My character:

-Character name: Silveryn

-Class: Hunter

-Race (explain why did you choose it):
Night Elf. This is my second character, and my first was an NE too, a warrior. I decided to roll an alt way before TBC while i was raiding with my warrior, a hunter, as i missed the hunter that i played on US realms directly after release for a few months. Back then, there were no draenei ofc, and hence no option of choosing a race that would imitate my Russian nationality in its voice, so I decided to go with NE since the feel of my character is important to my enjoyment of the game and i found dwarves extremely aesthetically displeasing. Especially the female variety, which i suspect are just males with man-boobs and shaven faces anyway Razz

-Armory link:

-Offspec description:
Umm. Sorry? Hunters don't really have offspecs, and I wouldn't know what to answer for this anyway ^^

-Your role in a raid(10/25/40man):
I r heel wit teh bandaguhz kkthx. No, really, I DPS. I sit there mashing buttons (2 of them to be precise) with the aim of killing the monster. If only mashing buttons would work for the same purpose IRL, it'd make getting rid of annoyances so much easier Sad. That's pretty much it, except in MH where I kite mobs to the lazy NPCs to get them off their asses and into fighting gear.

-Resistance gears:
None, as none are particularly needed (except for Mother Shahraz, i believe, but i haven't done the research about that quite yet. Yay, something to do Very Happy)

Originally, i began playing on US realms for a bit. I reached level 50-ish as a casual player on my hunter, but the lack of a social aspect due to differing timezones made me bored quickly. I dumped the game until summer of that year, and i bought it again when my friends started playing, and I made a warrior on Dragonmaw EU with my friends. I leveled him up over the course of half a year, taking my time and enjoying the leveling process and all the dungeons along the way. Hitting 60 was pretty memorable, since it was the first time WoW made me stay up till about 5 AM Razz Grinding EPL, no less, lol. I began raiding, with this guild that i joined on a whim at level 55-ish, and became an officer after proving that I have the technical savvy to set up a website, forums and eqDKP. I was too young and immature then, though, as I was only 16 and this was my first serious MMO, so I admittedly abused my power and this ended up in me being removed after I flamed some of the other officers due to a rather silly topic: the banning of alts within the guild. I drifted around for a while until some of the friends I'd made invited me to join a guild called Civilian. I made great bonds with the members of this guild, and I learned how to behave myself in WoW from them. I became MT of the guild, and stayed with them throughout their clearance of BWL from the beginning of MC. We accomplished this in less than 3 and a half months of raiding.
At this point, it was summer, and I took a 2 week vacation, during which i realized that WoW was sucking up my life. I decided to control the addiction (which it really was, in retrospect, as it was the same exact emotions which i get from trying to quit smoking now) and quit the game. I came back at the release of TBC, leveled up my warrior, and found a Russian guild to raid with a bit. School became harder, though, so I realized I wouldn't have the time to put enough effort into raiding, so i quit for a while. I didn't touch WoW until july of that year, when me and Gaspard (the shadow priest) decided to try our luck at PvP and I began trying to gear up my warrior for arenas. This failed, as i was severely undergeared to begin with, and so i quit WoW again. I picked it up in October of that year, deciding to drop my warrior and finish leveling my level 48-ish hunter alt. This became my main after that. I leveled her up to 70 and began gearing her up. We were on Burning Blade, which was a dead server with only one guild raiding at a respectable level, so I had no proper chance of getting into raiding beyond the PuG-Karazhan level.
We migrated to Stormscale, and there my raiding career kicked in a bit. I joined an upstart guild aiming to hit 25-mans in the near future, but saw that they had internal problems. They merged with a larger, PvP oriented guild, and became the 'pve section' of it. THis guild was poorly organized to begin with, so this was a large mistake. Upon gaining the trust of the leader of the PvE section, i became an officer, and began bringing up this problem, which eventually led to the PvE section splitting off, and the old leader giving me guild leader position of the new guild, <Catalyst>. After 2 weeks of trying my hardest to get as many active members as possible with the goal of starting 25-mans (which failed), we were offered a merge from a guild that was progressed in SSC and TK. I took the 15 active players that i could scrounge up from my guild, and moved them into the other, <Aut Vincere Aut Mori>. This guild proved to have its own internal problems, but despite the fact, we were not bad players, and managed to defeat the first boss of MH on patch day when the attunements were abolished. However, my (perhaps foolish) attempts to make the guild leader act fairly and control his temper, which had become a major reason for people getting up to all of their DKP wiped for small reasons and a reason that morale was always low in raids, only produced the opposite effect. He began having even worse anger problems, and eventually the guild was disbanded by him on a whim. God, i hated that man. I joined, then, a guild called <Causa Mortis>, which was predominantly greek. Not much to say about it, it was a good guild, but just as my luck would have it, my old internet provider decided to screw me over then, resulting in me not having internet for two weeks. Knowing i would be kicked as a result of their inactivity policies, i decided to drop WoW and concentrate on taking my exams for graduation. Once that was done, I applied with Gaspard to Pernicious, which will soon be disbanded, as you well know. So, now, I decided to apply to you.
Apologies for the length of this Razz i kinda went overboard on details.

-Attunements (SRneck/hyjal ring):
Karazhan only. Never killed Kael'Thas, and I didn't do the BT Neck chain yet.

-Pre TBC raiding Experience:
On my warrior i cleared MC through BWL, ZG, Onyxia, and AQ20. I really regret the fact that I didn't do anything else, as everyone looks at AQ40 and Naxx with fondness, and i never did those Sad Oh well, Naxx is coming back in WotLK, so all will be well Very Happy

-TBC raiding Experience:
As a hunter: Karazhan, Gruul, Magtheridon, SSC all bosses except Hydross (the always cleared him on wednesdays, which used to be a day i was unable to raid.), TK all 3 except Prince, who noone really ever bothered with it seemed Razz. MH: first 3 bosses. BT: Naj'Entus.

-Your playtime:

Monday: 00:00->00:00
Tuesday: 00:00->00:00
Wednesday: 00:00->00:00
Thursday: 00:00->00:00
Sunday: 00:00->00:00

Note: These times may not be 100% truthful, as, as i said, i am rather busy for now until the 20th of june. However, I will do my best to show up to as many raids as possible. After the 20th of June, these times will apply for the most part. If i have plans for a raid day IRL, you will be informed; however, i do not wish for WoW to interfere with my RL this time, as i have already gone through taht kind of addiction, so I am sorry if you expect me to drop IRL appointments for raids: It will not happen. However, i believe i will have enough time outside of that to raid at least 4 times a week, if not all 5.


-Why do you wanna join Operation Crew?
There are a couple of reasons, all equal in importance and value. First, you are a raiding guild which is at my level of experience and progress, and I wish to raid and see the rest of WoW:TBC before the content is trivialized by WotLK. Second: You are closely linked with Prenicious, which, in my eyes, is a good thing, as Pernicious is a good guild with nice people, and though i was only there for a relatively small amount of time, I had a very good impression of it. Third, there was a friend of mine who played on Ravencrest who also said that you were a quality guild with good people in it, and since he said the same for Pernicious and it seems to have been true, I am taking his word on that too.

-What do you expect from Operation Crew?
I expect a community which can become a group of friends for me; i expect friendliness, i expect to be welcomed if i am accepted, and i expect to be able to laugh and smile and enjoy the social aspect of WoW. Further, I expect progress in raiding and people who are willing to achieve that progress without complaining about personal gains all too much.

-Do you know anyone in Operation Crew?
Not personally, no.

-Why do you wanna leave your current guild(if you're in a guild):
Pernicious is disbanding soon.

-Xrealm or Ravencrest native?
Oof. Dragonmaw was my first realm, from which I did a free migration to Frostmane with my guild when Dragonmaw was lagging its ass off. Then i did a free migration to Burning Blade at my friend's request. The server was dead. We did a PCT to Stormscale. After a while we did a PCT to Ravencrest to join Pernicious. And now I'm here.

-Are you the original owner of this account?:

-Total playtime of your character:
48 days /played on my hunter, 94 days /played on my warrior.

-If you have any other comments:
I will attempt to keep this brief, as I have droned on way too long about other things. I am a geek: I like theorycrafting to the extent that I have calculated for myself the DPS increases of a Khorium Scope as opposed to a Stabilized Eternium Scope. I have had ElitistJerks as my homepage in the past, and Blizzard will soon bill me an extra hundred dollars per month for the bandwidth i use up on their forums, i suspect. I tend to try to give people advice when i see that they are doing something that differs from the accepted 'optimum' for hunters, but if they have a reason for it, i respect that and do not press the issue. I also try to take advice whenever it is given to me, but not without researching it first and checking whether the advice will actually give me benefits.
I love raiding. However, i love talking while raiding as well. Thus, i sometimes talk a bit too much. I would ask you to tell me when to shut up in the event that I get accepted, though I will do my best to control it on my own (having greeks from <causa mortis> shout greek profanities into your ears tends to do that after a while Razz)
I would love to join with Gaspard, as we had originally wanted to join Pernicious together, because we wanted to raid together after having spent ages on the same realm. I believe we can be an asset to your raids, as we both know how to play our classes and can keep up with tactics in raids easily, and will do our best to be as active as is possible.

Thank you for reading this overly long wall of text. We eagerly await your reply.

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PostSubject: Re: Silveryn - Night Elf Beast Mastery Hunter.   Fri May 30 2008, 18:50

<3 finaly some ppl that make a efford in their app Smile btw what part of the bt chain are u? we are going ssc later today 19:00

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PostSubject: Re: Silveryn - Night Elf Beast Mastery Hunter.   Sat May 31 2008, 03:32

Sorry, me and Gaspard read your message at 20:30 at a burger king downtown, and I just got home, so we were unable to join that raid, though we would have loved to had we been at home and able to be online.

Hopefully this doesn't change anything in our acceptance chances, but as I mentioned, these two weeks i will be relatively busy. Today i had to go show the people visiting the nightlife here in Vienna, so yeah.

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PostSubject: Re: Silveryn - Night Elf Beast Mastery Hunter.   Sat May 31 2008, 03:38

Shit, i just realized the forums clipped my armory link for some reason.

Here it is:

Sorry about that.

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PostSubject: Re: Silveryn - Night Elf Beast Mastery Hunter.   Sat May 31 2008, 03:41

In the words of Shylock from the Merchant of Venice: "I am dumb!"

Just figured out i have to be registered to put up an armory link Razz

Here it is, finally: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Ravencrest&n=Silveryn


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PostSubject: Re: Silveryn - Night Elf Beast Mastery Hunter.   Sat May 31 2008, 13:11

Cossie wrote:
<3 finaly some ppl that make a efford in their app Smile

oh yeah... Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Silveryn - Night Elf Beast Mastery Hunter.   Mon Jun 02 2008, 04:03

This guy either payed someone too make his app or did an rly good efford, i think we might just have to try this guy even tho we have alot of good hunters allrdy.

Contact lolhaxx, cossie, flumser or any of the classleaders ingame for inv.

I do not serve the light, the light serves me!
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PostSubject: Re: Silveryn - Night Elf Beast Mastery Hunter.   

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Silveryn - Night Elf Beast Mastery Hunter.
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