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 ACCOUNT SECURITY - My Experience!

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PostSubject: ACCOUNT SECURITY - My Experience!   Fri Jun 06 2008, 18:59

''Account Security - My Experience!


Making this topic, too tell you about my experience about account hacking, compromising and ripping! This will be some tips / experinces about what to DO, and what NOT TO DO!


First of all, my currently account is 100% my own, i maded it myself and i got all required info about it.
But, when i dinged 70 with my warrior, i traded my account with another danish guy ''on the other side of the ocean''. I felt pretty secure about it, I changed too my own password, and didnt know anything about secret password or the accounts current email. I was kinda tired of playing warrior, so ''Why not?!'', im getting a 70 hunter and some other lvl 50+.
I was happy with the hunter, a really nice and funny class! Transfered it roo Ravencrest, joined Presence and had alot of Karazhan raids!
I got it full epic geared (4/5 tier 4), and the best PVE gear from Karazhan and Gruul's Lair.
But then, after a nice 18years birthday party, i went home with hangovers, and thought i should just play the game and relax all day. But i thought wrong, my account password was changed.
I couldnt retreive it, because the previous owner, still had hes email transmitted too it. And when i asked him about 45 times per hour, ''HAVE YOU RETRIEVED THAT DAMN EMAIL YET??'',
the answer was still no. I couldnt do anything about it. I tryed Blizzard's homepage for account retrievement, and gave all the info i had about the account. That wasnt enough,
they would have a picture ID, with a name matching the account's registration name. (WHICH YOU CANT CHANGE!). I just sended them a picture of my own picture ID, but that wasnt enough.
I asked the previous owner about he's picture ID, but he had traded it with a school freind, and this freind had traded it with some swedish guy. The situation saw hopeless.
I borrowed my own account (which was another guys at that time, and this is the account i play on now), too login and see my ''own'' characters ingame. ''Zephıra'' - my warlock was lvl 54 at that time,
and my only character on Ravencrest. And i swear it SUX too see your character in Ironforge, when you dont got control over it yourself. I followed the hunter, and ''Spam Duel'et'' him at Dun morough,
but he declines everytime. He was not ignoring me, just didnt answered me.
At the end, i realized there was no way i could get my account back, because it was traded. And i ''bought'' my old account back (my current one), but i dont really feel like giving the guy the cash,
cause i really dont trust him, and im suspecting him for being the hacker himself. (Havent heard from him in months).

Yea, i was up running again now! Transfered Excelon too Ravencrest, and started PVP alot. I enjoyed the game for months, until a coupple of weeks ago. Aslanoviz, Vicliane and myself,
was enjoying some LAN party at my place. We took a nice Karazhan run, where i frapsed all the fights. We were done about 01.00am, and i logged out too make my Karazhan movie done.
About 02.15am, Aslanoviz told me too login again, so he could level some enchanting on his alt. But My account password was changed. I retrieved it as fast as i could, and when i finally got in,
all my characters was deleted, except Excelon. And it was ripped for cash and items of course. Only thing i could by back was a couple of Netherweave Bags, and 3 elixirs.
I wrote a Game Master instantly, but they only answered me the next morning. He said he would close my account and look closer on it. My account was closed about 2 weeks,
and i didnt retrieved a single email from them before that. I logged succesfully in, and retrieved most of my items. Except my Gems, Enchants, Badge of Justice, Nether Vortex,
and some of my characters. (My warlock got ressed 15 mins later). And now im back in busniess, stronger than ever!


First of all, get some virus scanner that Blizzard is suggesting you! AND KEEP THEM UPDATED! Run them often!
Normally i do it every sunday, cleaning all my drives for shit. ( Could be wednesday aswell? - When the servers is down?)
So here, i will list the Virus Scanners.

Windows :
AVG - http://www.avg.com
McAfee http://www.mcafee.com
Avast http://www.avast.com
Stinger http://www.download.com - Search Stinger! ( I found a Trojan horse with this one, and some time ago it was the only one there could remove ''The Worm'')

Mac :
McAfee http://www.mcafee.com

And again, Virus Scanners are there too help you. Not just a freaking program there is spam popping messages up from the bottom line constantly. Use them!


- Keep out of suspecting homepages, if you think they will install all kinda crap when you visit them.
- Only go for popular and wellknown addons, and remember too check if they are commented.
- Same go for movies, try check the comments, any negative? Quit it!
- Patches, usually just use the Blizzard downloader. The other way, homepages with patches can give you more than just a patch, - Virus's!


First of all, DONT DO IT! Not even with a freind, and its not legal.
If you should do it, be secure for something.

- Get the email set too your owns!
- Get the secret answer!
- Change so much information as possible, adress, phone number and such stuff.
- Do it with a person you know, and a person you always can contact.
- If your'e paying for or between the account, dont send/give any cash before you got those things done!

But, still. Account trading is NOT a suggestion!


First of all, retrieve your password as fast as possible! Before the ''Emergency'' is getting worse. (character deleting, transfering or gold ripping)
If its too late, go too https://www.wow-europe.com/support/securitywebform/securitywebform.html?lan=en as fast as possible, and write down ALL POSSIBLE in the formular! More is better than nothing!
You need too fill this formula really fast, since it can take 2 weeks or maybe more, for tham too retrive your account. DONT WASTE ANY TIME, IF YOU WANNA PLAY AGAIN!
Wait for blizzard too answer you, and i promise, its NOT working too spam mail them!


- Name
- Account name
- Email
- Last login date
- Realms
- Main character name
- Secret answer
- Picture ID (with a name matching the account registration's one. AND THAT ONE YOU CANT CHANGE!)
- Problem Discription

Do you got all this info if you're have traded your account? Problerly not!
Do you got all this info about your own account? Keep it for youself, and you should be secure!

- Gems.
- Enchants .
- Badge of Justice.
- Items there are sold on Auction house by the hacker.
- Nether Vortex.
- Primal Nether.

''NOTES :''

-Type your password safely, and be sure no people watching. (like when your are typing the PIN-code at your bank)
- Change your password often
- Keep virus scanners / firewalls update
- Keep your account information for yourself
- Never give your account information too a Blizzard Employee. ( They will never ask for it)

Please remember that keyloggers and Trojan Viruses send information about your password to other people, and should be considered a seroius threat to your account and if steps are not taken to remove suck malicious programs from your computer, it can lead to your account being comprimised again. Trojan horses and keyloggers do not only hack World of Warcraft account. It can lead too your email, online bank, and other important logins! Blizzard's item restore policy only allows them to restore items a limited number of times due to your account being comprimised!!

[b'']MORE '':[/b]

If you want a more detailed version, and more information go too https://www.wow-europe.com/en/support/ca-article.html!

>>Well, Excelon out. Hope you will enjoy this article. If you got any suggestions / things iv'e forgot, Post them please![b]
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PostSubject: Re: ACCOUNT SECURITY - My Experience!   Fri Jun 06 2008, 19:39

Sad story Sad good u are back for good Smile

There is a additional thing u can do to avoid key loggers.

1. make sure your pc are clean and write the password in a text doc. that way u can just compy past it in the pw box in wow each time and the key logger won`t be able to get it.

2. u don`need to time the password in the correct sequence, if your password are 12345678 u can type 5678 then move the coursor with the mouse back to the start then type 1234. For a key logger this will look like 56781234 with some more advance mix of letters/numbers most hackers wouldn`t bother to try to find out when they see what they got fails, since they will think 56781234 is your pw and u might have just changed it.

I do not serve the light, the light serves me!
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PostSubject: Re: ACCOUNT SECURITY - My Experience!   Fri Jun 06 2008, 20:54

I feeel pretty safe... Who would even dream of hacking the worst forum troll ever(except that tesjnak-dude or what he is called lawl)

If you feel like getting a new lvl 70, you should level it your self, since you get to learn stuff about the charrecter, and tbh.. it aint that hard to lvl a charrecter or get phats for it! It's just damn booring untill you hit 25-men raids:)
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PostSubject: Re: ACCOUNT SECURITY - My Experience!   

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