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 MizzChrissy - Rogue *DECLINED*

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PostSubject: MizzChrissy - Rogue *DECLINED*   Tue Feb 19 2008, 22:22

Hi my name is Christian and i come from the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

My charector name is MizzChrissy and im a Night Elf Rogue. ! i got 77 played days on this char. Im lvl 70. And i got Kara Pre Q done and need Vial from Keal' Thas Sunstrider.

My Professions is: 375/375 Engineering and 375/375 Enchanting.

I got some rare recipes like:

The 28+ Crit Rating scope.

Enchant Weapon: Sunfire

Enchant Weapon: Battlemaster

Enchant Weapon: Potency

Link to gear:

My spec is: 17/44/0. Iím willing to respec =)

Guild Experience: I have been in The Danish Force. Both in Pre TBC and in. It has always been a slow progress guild. I was Class Officer in that guild so I got a lot of experience with WoW. The reason I leaved, was becouse I thought we were coming to a dead end. I donít thought we could kill any more bosses, than we already did.

Then i Joined Memento. And that was fine. I just have some IRL problems like the minute i joined so i got the kick.. Sad..

I Want to join you guys becouse i want to do some high end instances! I simply want to play WoW.!

At the moment my only real char is this rogue. I used to play a 70 Mage as well but that I donít do any more. I got a lot of low lvl alts <40.

My Raid Experience:

Pre TBC i have done full MC, BWL, AQ20 and some AQ40

In Tbc i have done Full Kara, Gruul, 6/6 SSC and 3/4 TK.

I know my role as rogue. I know how to play this class.! I read on every new boss encounter before a new boss. I have Been raid leader in many instances and officer in The Danish Force. I can use both Teamspeak and Ventrilo 3.0.

I hope i can join you guys.! You won regret it.

And Cossie im asking you to give me a second chance! I was slacking in Memento becouse of alot of IRL stuff that came in front of WoW. Hope you can understand that.! I will give my best if i join you guys!

Over and out MizzChrissy/Christian

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PostSubject: Re: MizzChrissy - Rogue *DECLINED*   Wed Feb 20 2008, 00:52

haw ok experiance Smile


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PostSubject: Re: MizzChrissy - Rogue *DECLINED*   Wed Feb 20 2008, 17:24

I'm afraid we've decided to decline you.
Good luck on finding what you want.
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PostSubject: Re: MizzChrissy - Rogue *DECLINED*   

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MizzChrissy - Rogue *DECLINED*
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