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 [Declined] 70 lock

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PostSubject: [Declined] 70 lock   Mon Jul 07 2008, 18:35

About me: I am a active and funny person who love to raid and help the guild to progress in every way, i have a big raid exp, i have done an instances but not sun well (on another char tho)

-Name: Peter Warnsdorf

-Age: 19

-Location: Denmark

-Connection: 2 mgbit with 512 upload.

-Non-WoW Commitments (School, Job, Family etc): starting education after the vecation.

My character:

-Character name: Charmin

-Class: warlock

-Race (explain why did you choose it): human female took this because it gives 10% more spirit that is usefull for a warlock since they don't have so much and got 10% more rep + perception (even tho that was for pvp and i never got so far at 70 wans't me)

-Armory link:

-Offspec description: demo with felguard and abit afliction, but i have only been that once.

-Your role in a raid(10/25/40man): uhm alot things, dmg, HS, SS, maybe buff with my imp, banish, enslave, summon if needet.

-Resistance gears: have non :/

-History: i have played this since beta came out, and have had alot deferent chars and ofc i lvled them myself Very Happy

-Attunements (SRneck/hyjal ring): i think i am only kara attunet as i remember Very Happy

-Pre TBC raiding Experience: MC, BWL, AQ 20 /40 Very Happy

-TBC raiding Experience: kara, gruul, maggy, SSC, the eye, BT (only like 3 bosses there tho)

-Your playtime:

Monday: 12 - 00

Tuesday: 12 - 00

Wednesday: 12 - 00

Thursday: 12 - 00

Sunday: 15 - 00


-Why do you wanna join Operation Crew? i have heard abit about you and you sound like something i want to join.

-What do you expect from Operation Crew? i expect that it is a friendly and funny guild, that can have fun at raids, but also serious.

-Do you know anyone in Operation Crew? no non but that will come Very Happy

-Why do you wanna leave your current guild(if you're in a guild): they are not even raiding together all is doing pug to even kara and up so i want a guild that actually is rading together.

-Xrealm or Ravencrest native? ravencrest Very Happy

-Are you the original owner of this account?: ofc i am

-Total playtime of your character: 58 days, 8 hours and 53 min

-If you have any other comments: i just want to say that i am looking forward to see and talke to you all ingame Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] 70 lock   Mon Jul 07 2008, 19:51


You say that you have "big" raid experience, which would indicate that you've been atleast to the mentioned places(Karazhan, Gruul's, Magtheridon, SSC, TK, BT) alot. Yet I still don't see one piece of gear on you that's obtainable higher than Karazhan. You also have no "Ashtongue Deathsworn" reputation, which would indicated that you're lying to us. Have you got any other characters that you've been to these places on?

The way you talk about spirit scares me a bit, considering it always has been and currently still is worthless for warlocks. We don't need any form of passive regen since we have life tap, and even though it's slightly useful in the (very) long run, it wouldn't be in the form of spirit anyways.

Furthermore, your specc makes you a waste of a raidslot, to put it in a nice way. You have enough damage, but nowhere near enough crit or spellhit to make it viable. We've got this nifty little rule aswell that says you have to have atleast 190 spellhit to be allowed to specc Destruction, which is really the minimum for it.
The gemming in your gear ain't exactly top notch either, lots of unnecessary stamina, spell penetration & spellcrit-gems in there. As a warlock you aim for Spellhit, Spelldamage, Spellhaste & Spellcrit, not necessarily in that order though, depending on gear & specc.

I don't want to sound mean or anything, but I'd say you're aiming a bit too high here. I'm not an officer however, so you never know. And take some time to read up on the warlock class, in your case it'll only do you good.
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PostSubject: lol :D   Mon Jul 07 2008, 20:28

did i say i have alot exp in raids with this char no ^^

i have hordes that have been so far up thats where i got the exp from, but hard to do the same as ally since they dont leet so many people in there is not BT ready or is not so far in gear like them self ^^ so thats why i never get past kara -.- because people want me to have t5 or up even tho i cant get it if i dont do that kind of raids
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] 70 lock   Mon Jul 07 2008, 20:36

Well, that still doesnt explain your gems and spec etc. But ill put you on pending aswell until we can check this out
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] 70 lock   Mon Jul 07 2008, 20:51

All the welfare phats from the islebagdevendor are t5 iLvL, and if you've been stucked in kara for a while you should have shitloads of bagdets!
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PostSubject: hehe   Mon Jul 07 2008, 21:55

uhm no since not many is doing kara at guild anymore -.- and i havn't got a raid guild for ages since all split up and such uh look merci then no raid, uh vecation no raid so i have been like trying to find a guild for ages :p
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] 70 lock   Mon Jul 07 2008, 21:59

Well, i can see your problem. But that doesnt help us much.

You should have used more time on getting the badgegear and gems u need to be in an endgame guild. Sorry to say it. But i dont think you are what we are looking for atm..

You are welcome to reapply when you get your gear etc up to date.

GL in the future

- Declined
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] 70 lock   Mon Jul 07 2008, 22:27

/unsign. I know this char is made by a woman from Denmark. And guess he sold it same time as JimmiK(The man)..
So you can't have taked with from the 10% more spirit and rep.

*Sorry forgot to push "send" for a hour ago. So its after the anwser form our Officer. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] 70 lock   

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[Declined] 70 lock
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