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 Flexaccent - Resto Shaman *DECLINED*

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PostSubject: Flexaccent - Resto Shaman *DECLINED*   Wed Feb 20 2008, 19:01

Hello my name is Rasmus i live just outside Copenhagen in Denmark.
I go to school at gymnasium 2nd year.

The charachter im applying with is of course my resto shaman flexaccent, i first chose my shaman when i started playing again when TBC came out.
(played mage on talnivarr) before TBC. Slower and slower my shaman became my main and i leveled it pretty fast and i have been raiding on it since may with only 1 month break,
I have SSC and TK expirience of course with void reaver and al'ar in TK in SSC its lurker, hydross and leotharas.
ive been in gruuls and maggy lots just been unlucky with the items. though im an attendated player.

My gear is ready for ssc and tk:

in the link i have some pvp gear on but i use tier 4 gloves, and heart menders ring from kara - illhoof.

My first guild was Argentum leaded by Everlina but it got disbanded and ppl joined differend guids, thats when i took my break.
When i came back from my break i have been in some small guilds whom i left shortly after since ppl were slacking and at much lower level of commidment than me.

I've just left SURGE since the guild was falling apart.

As i told earlier i have raid expirience pre TBC also, AQ40 and BWL never gotten to try naxx.

my goals in wow is to reach the end raiding while having fun ; )
im active every day, but i do got lot's of homework so i try to keep the farming in the week-ends saturday and sunday afternoon or one of my friends farm for me.

My proffesions is and alchemy (375) enchanting (120 boosting it.) which im leveling right now.
I have discovred 5 kinds of flasks and i have 3 of the rep ones exhalted with different factions. im not sure there is anymore flasks to discover but not sure on that one ; )
Im a potions master since i use lots of mana pots as a shaman.

I want to join Operation Crew since you guys seem active and skilled with a great prgress ur aiming for ther tier 5 and tier 6 etc. and thats where i want to go with my gaming.

Know Helindi From SURGE

Flexaccent out - hope ill stand by your side soon ; )

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PostSubject: Re: Flexaccent - Resto Shaman *DECLINED*   Wed Feb 20 2008, 20:54

/sign if we need a healer
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PostSubject: Re: Flexaccent - Resto Shaman *DECLINED*   Thu Feb 21 2008, 03:34

I'm sorry to say, but you are not the one we are seeking, sry.
GL on finding something you want.
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PostSubject: Re: Flexaccent - Resto Shaman *DECLINED*   

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Flexaccent - Resto Shaman *DECLINED*
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