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 Miekka, 70 Protection Warrior.

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PostSubject: Miekka, 70 Protection Warrior.   Wed Jul 23 2008, 14:49

I am doing another application, since I have heard that many ppl in your guild has left it and doing this, because I have always wanted to join your guild badly Smile So here it comes Miekkas Application

About me:

Teemu Seppälä

14, turning 15 pretty soon.

Finland, little town called Masku.

1mbit, I only get DC when played for 10hours. <-- still same Smile

-Non-WoW Commitments (School, Job, Family etc):
I am in school, going to 8th grade, still pretty young but I can play till raid ends Smile

My character:

-Character name:


-Race (explain why did you choose it):
Gnoam, it just looks the most cool and it when I use my abilities they are awesome Smile But I took gnoam because I am pretty small IRL also lol!

-Armory link:
eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Ravencrest&n= Miekka <-- all together Smile

-Offspec description:
My another offspec is fury, got something like 114 hit and 1450ap and 26crit or something. But also Arms spec (PvP) got something like 218 resilience in it. But I would love to join as tank, always tanked and got best gear for it also!

-Your role in a raid(10/25/40man):
My role is to make to tps and keep agro from dps who wants to be first in dps and wont care with what cost Smile But also try to have fun with other ppl so not so serious always. But also keep my head in the game and not solo play anything, team player allways !

-Resistance gears:
I have capped Fire Resistance gear and Frost Resistance gear, and only missing HoD:s for Shadow Resistance gear.

Here it comes again, Miekkas BIIIIIIIG History: I started playing world of warcraft 2 and half years ago, first I even didnt know what weapon was better, green with 0.2 lower dps and 14ap or white with 0.2 more dps and no ap on it lol! But there days I know pretty much about world of warcraft Smile So first I made druid named Voro (Means thief in finnish), Leveled him to 28 and then I started to hate druids, then I made my legendary character name Miekka Smile Leveled him to 60, I specced tank and didnt care anything about gear, I just had to go raid ZG! I tried to find a good guild, but then I joined Enqard, my and my friends made guild, we got pretty much ppl, tried ZG but we managed to only kill 2 first bosses there... Enqard also disbanded and most ppl there joined TL. I joined them also, but got kicked from it because I was 2 noob pre TBC Embarassed But then TBC came out and I just leveled 70 asap. Tho it took quite long time... But when I got 70, I just started to go instances as Prot, got good enough gear for Karazhan and joined Horns. I killed 3 bosses in Kz with them, but then I got kicked because of bad gear and not active enough. THen I joined Nadion as main tank. Tho they got better tank in 3 days but anyway. We killed all bosses except Prince and Bane in Kz, and I got some pretty good gear with them. After Nadion disbanded I got another change to join Horns. With Horns I managed to clear kz, gruul and magtheridon. Horns disbanded also and they formed new guild, Wanha. I had 2 sucky gear to join them, but I didnt care, atleast I got change to join Karvakamut. With Karvakamut I got pretty good progress in raids. We cleared Karazhan ofc, gruul afterwards and Magtheridon also. Then we started doing SSC/TK raids with Karvakamut. 2/4 in TK and 2/6 in SSC. But then Karvakamut disbanded due ppl slacked when we got raids. Then all active members of Karvakamut made new guild, this time International, is epic failure! That was my favorite guild if all, friendly guys and fun raids! 3/4 in TK, 5/6 in SSC and 1/5 in MH. We also tried Vashj, but just crappy tries... Also tried Najentus but wipes, wipes wipes... But it disbanded also because of slacking, DAMN YOU SLACKERS!!! After ief I made application to you but got declined coz you got enough tanks. But now pretty much ppl has left your guild so I made this application so OC wont disband! But after that application I joined TyCa where I got some kind of progress in MH/BT. We managed to kill 4/5 bosses in MH with no wipes (yey us!) and BT 3 bosses in 2 nights. We also tried Teron, but I wasnt there with them. But I can clear that minigame easily. But now TyCa has disbanded also (cause of slack) I am doing reapply to you guys Smile and I am in TDC atm but I dont like that guild because we cant make raids and we whipe at Lurker... But here was my History Razz

-Attunements (SRneck/hyjal ring):
BT pre quest: I am at Al'ar quest.
MH pre quest: Havent done, never killed Vashj or Kael.

-Pre TBC raiding Experience:
I were only like 1month 60 pre tbc, so not so many raids...
ZG: Cleared
MC: 6 bosses
BWL: None
Onyxia: Cleared
AQ20: First boss
AQ40: None
Naxxramas: None

-TBC raiding Experience:
Karazhan: Cleared
Gruul's Lair: Cleared
Magtheridon's Lair: Cleared
Zul'Aman: Cleared with 3 chests
Serpentshrine Cavern: 5/6, triend Vashj but never downed.
The Eye: 3/4 Never triend Kael.
Mount Hyjal: 4/5, tried Archimonde as dps, never tanked.
Black Temple: 3/9, cleared Teron minigame
Sunwell Plateue: None

-Your playtime:
Monday: \
Tuesday: \ Got football from 17.30-19.00...
Wednesday: At the morning doing dailys at 12-14 or something, then raiding 2000-0000
Thursday:/ Got football from 17.30-19.00...
Sunday: /


-Why do you wanna join Operation Crew?
Because it seems like very good guild, with active players (after summer anyways) and I really want to raid BT/MH, no more SSC/Tk... Also I know some ppl in here so I think this must be a good guild. Also done HC/Kara/ZA with ppl in your guild and they all have been very good.

-What do you expect from Operation Crew?
I except raiding in BT/MH, going kz for badges (lol) and friendly ppl who will help when needed. I also except good progress

-Do you know anyone in Operation Crew?
Im not sure if they all are in this guild anymore but atleast, Tsiou, Johnnyq, Stoyr, Worleds and other ief/TyCa people but dont know all...

-Why do you wanna leave your current guild(if you're in a guild):
I am nin The Dark Council and I will leave coz of slacking in raids and I dont like to raid SSC/TK anymore, atleast if we wipe at Lurker!

-Xrealm or Ravencrest native?
Ravencrest allways.

-Are you the original owner of this account?:
Yes I am.

-Total playtime of your character:
67days, 25days as 70.

-If you have any other comments:
I just hope you will choose me, because I am active player who likes to raid. And I will always listen to tacs, and wont go to eat when we are raiding.

Here was my reapplication. I made it only because I want to join your guild as much as raid BT (That is very much) and I dont want OC to disband before I am there Razz

Regards, Miekka (The Sword)
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PostSubject: Re: Miekka, 70 Protection Warrior.   Wed Jul 23 2008, 14:59

hi mekka...

nice application ... wonder who's you had as an example Wink

Well i know you are a nice guy and a good warrior. Good luck with your application man!
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PostSubject: Re: Miekka, 70 Protection Warrior.   Thu Jul 24 2008, 19:26

Btw my game card has just ended, but its pretty good timing, because I have football tournament from 25.7-27.7 so I wont be online anyway... But replys gogo Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Miekka, 70 Protection Warrior.   Thu Jul 24 2008, 19:45

Imba protection warrior who can play he's class. And i think that one of our protection warriors just left our guild so HUGE /SIGN
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PostSubject: Re: Miekka, 70 Protection Warrior.   Thu Jul 24 2008, 20:02

accepted for trial, just be aware that we have vacation next week, so wont be that much raiding, atleast not BT
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PostSubject: Re: Miekka, 70 Protection Warrior.   Thu Jul 24 2008, 21:46

Yey! But I will come online next monday-wednesday, depends when I get money for game card. Keep a spot for me! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Miekka, 70 Protection Warrior.   Thu Jul 24 2008, 23:32

just whisper Naptune, Waptune, Lolhaxx or Cossie then
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PostSubject: Re: Miekka, 70 Protection Warrior.   Wed Jul 30 2008, 18:04

I got gamecard now but Officers please come online :O
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PostSubject: Re: Miekka, 70 Protection Warrior.   

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Miekka, 70 Protection Warrior.
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