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 Warlock Application by Slimlock

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PostSubject: Warlock Application by Slimlock   Wed Aug 13 2008, 01:52

About me:
-Name: Andrew
-Age: 17
-Location: Athens, Greece
-Connection: 54mb/per second really stable an reliable
-Non-WoW Commitments (School, Job, Family etc): None that will effect my raid time

My character:
-Character name: Slimlock
-Class: Warlock
-Race (explain why did you choose it): When i decided to start playing wow back on November i liked the name Warlock so i was between human and gnome so i prefered gnomes over humans for a strange reason
-Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Ravencrest&n=Slimlock
-Offspec description: I don't have an offspec gear but i can change some items around to focus more on spell damage
-Your role in a raid(10/25/40man): Dps Dps Dps
-Resistance gears: I have full shadow resistance gear
-History: I created this character on November and i was 70 level before the end of january. Then i started with some Battlegrounds and some arenas with a couple of irl friends, so i liked mostly pvp. But i got bored extremely fast and pve grabbed my attention. Firstly i entered a small guild that was raiding Karazhan not full, up until curator. Then the guild disbanded something that was not so unexpected Razz. After that i joined another guild named Helix and i raided Kara, ZA, Maggie, Gruul, TK (3/4) and SSC (5/6 and lady vashj 4% best try (the day after this try the leaders stopped playing wow ). Then that guild also disbanded because the leaders started playing Age of Conan ( they returned to WoW one month later ffs ) so i joined the guild named DnA that was also disbanded a couple of days later ( i had the chance to raid 2/5 MH the two days i was in the guild) . After that i was a bit disappointed but fortunately i got accepted by DA ( also known as Destiny Awaits a 5/5 MH and 9/9 BT guild ) then i had the chance to improve my gear but i'm ashamed to say that i didnt have the chance to raid Illidan and Archimonde because of being unlucky and also because the guild was disbanded one and a half months later shorly after transfering to ravencrest from Xavius. After the disband of DA i'm trying to find a new guild something that is not easy but its even harder during summer.
-Attunements (SRneck/hyjal ring):
-Pre TBC raiding Experience: I dont have any unfortunately but i wish i had
-TBC raiding Experience:Kara,ZA,Gruul,Maggie, TK ( 3/4 ), SSC ( 6/6 ), MH ( 4/5 ), BT ( 8/9 )

-Your playtime: Cet or GMT +1
Monday: 18:30 until the end of the raid
Tuesday: 18:30 until the end of the raid
Wednesday: 18:30 until the end of the raid
Thursday: 18:30 until the end of the raid
Sunday: 18:30 until the end of the raid

-Why do you wanna join Operation Crew? I want to find a new guild with experienced raid members and a friendly environment.
-What do you expect from Operation Crew? I want to experience the last bosses of WoW and have fun while raiding seriusly
-Do you know anyone in Operation Crew? no
-Why do you wanna leave your current guild(if you're in a guild): I don't have any
-Xrealm or Ravencrest native? I came from xavius with my previous guild that disbanded shortly after its transfer.
-Are you the original owner of this account?: Yes, of course
-Total playtime of your character: 60 days so far
-If you have any other comments: Thank you for your time and i m waiting for your response
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PostSubject: Re: Warlock Application by Slimlock   Wed Aug 13 2008, 01:57

So you did it cheers

By the way, IMHO, actually the guild's not passing a nice period since we have a lot of raiders slacking away in holidays and stuff, and as result the last 2 raids had 50% Trialists in there, and just 6-7 veterans, and we went pretty bad, mostly 'cause most of us (us since I'm a Trialist too) didn't have any idea at all of what to do in MH and BT, even if they wrote in their applys that they had a lof of exp and skill, there was a complete slack.
So if you can bring more experienced people from your old disbanded guild it'd be awesome Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Warlock Application by Slimlock   Wed Aug 13 2008, 02:24

Another greek applying on OPC <3

As i look at your gear i notice some slack on enchants..! But i hope that you are willing to put some on Smile

Don't know much about warlock specs etc but since you have a good experience on end game instances i will give you my /sign!!

We need more skillz and actualy more locks..

GL with your app mate

Kserxis out..
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PostSubject: Re: Warlock Application by Slimlock   Wed Aug 13 2008, 15:20

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PostSubject: Re: Warlock Application by Slimlock   

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Warlock Application by Slimlock
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