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 Caylee - Holy Priest *ACCEPTED*

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PostSubject: Caylee - Holy Priest *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 23 2008, 02:37

Name - Martin Hansen
Age - 28years
Country - DKDK
I love RP.

I play a priest. (or, i try to)

My job is to keep you guys alive (mainly), i am aware of that.
I have no clue to what im doing. I just push random buttons, and hope for things to happend.

Raid experience Pre-tbc.

I think i did UBRS once with my hunter.

After Tbc.

Here ive been visiting all pre-tbc instances. alien


Ive been drinking coffee at maggys place more than once, watching Finding Nemo with Kael'thas,
feeding Lady Vashj´s fishies and ofc giving my buddy Gruul workout instructions.


~70days on my priest, but it dont really count cuz i love to idle in IF all the time.


I have atm, taken the Improved Spirit buff. That meens that i do not heel as much as i would without, BUT its really a nice thing when you buff the whole raid with +dmg/+heel.

You are wellcome to TRY and get me to respec to shadow, but it will be your own doom.
As i lvled as disc/holy, the maximum amount of talents i EVER had in shadow was 5 in "spirit tab" while lvling. (plus, im not gonna respec to every raid)



I dont even want to link my shitty huntard, cuz he aint worth spending the time on.


Tailor - 375 (yes i can make 10 slot bags)
Enchanter - 375 (yes i got Executioner)
Cooking - 375 (yes i got both the cake & Stormchops)
Fishing - 375 (yes i got Arcanite Fishingpole)

Why i should be invited into Operation Crew?

Cuz you all loves me. (true story)


Im not sure if you are interested, but i have the MH attunment aotm.
I really cant take this game serious.
I always try to be honest and fair.
Im a mean coffee brewer.
I once brewed coffee during Prince, i still topped the healing done and we got him down.

ask Whittler if id left anything out.
ask Chummer if i forgot anything.

EDIT: I almost got the FULL legendary [Twill] set. Got the hat just today.

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PostSubject: Re: Caylee - Holy Priest *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 23 2008, 02:42

Thou this app seems alittle sloppy, He is a great healer. Was the best healer we had in my prevoius guild. I hope you will get in ! afro
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PostSubject: Re: Caylee - Holy Priest *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 23 2008, 04:36

i say: blame the healers. then get cay in so i can blame him:) hehe
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PostSubject: Re: Caylee - Holy Priest *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 23 2008, 05:16

like the application, vouch

the only minus are u arent shadow to provide me whit mana Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Caylee - Holy Priest *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 23 2008, 14:27

You have been accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: Caylee - Holy Priest *ACCEPTED*   

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Caylee - Holy Priest *ACCEPTED*
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