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 Chummer - Prot Paladin *ACCEPTED*

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PostSubject: Chummer - Prot Paladin *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 23 2008, 04:23

Name: Daniel C. Andersen
Age: 27
From: Ballerup in Denmark

Previous guilds on this server
Danerne, Surge (Blew up)

Why this guild?
Because I want to be in a raid guild and this one contains people with whom I tend to play often.
Itís new and got good progress and the skilled Surge members are fleeting to this Guild.
I am a bit tired of dragging around slackers.

Chars :

Main : Chummer 70 Protpaladin
Age: 95 days played

Chummer turned Prot in his 10th lvl back in Azaroth and have been channelling Blue RAGE ever since.
I like to think off me as an experienced tank since I have done that since I Dinged 60 back in the old world a long time ago I know my char well and I believe

Spec: 0/44/17

Gear: ZA/kara epicís for tanking 1300+ healing on my off healing gear

Amory: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Ravencrest&n=Chummer

Miner/Engeneer(gobo) Still need the scope recipe else I got it all 375
If you thinking right now to ask me to re speck healer I can tell you that it is never going to happen Ö I R TANK

Alt: Bonfire 70 Lock
Spec: Silly
This is a Grinding char and if needed he can respect and get some gear but I am not Experienced Pve

Pre Tbc nothing to speak off back then but I of tanked MC once with a war

Ssc only Lurker and hydross down
The eye only Lootreaver down

Why would you want me in the guild ?
Well if you donít you will never find out why some people in wow tend to call me Arnold
I donít slackÖÖ
I can read speak English understand and do as I am told to
I read up on stuff to prepare myself and most important I learn from my mistakes
I know what The ENTIRE RAID MOVES means
I for one Brought the Right bananas

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PostSubject: Re: Chummer - Prot Paladin *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 23 2008, 04:37

really great tank^^ u have my vouch m8^^ and ofc a really great guy to talk to
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PostSubject: Re: Chummer - Prot Paladin *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 23 2008, 09:34

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PostSubject: Re: Chummer - Prot Paladin *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 23 2008, 14:27

You have been accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: Chummer - Prot Paladin *ACCEPTED*   

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Chummer - Prot Paladin *ACCEPTED*
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