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 Lionesse, huntard ;) *ACCEPTED*

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PostSubject: Lionesse, huntard ;) *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 23 2008, 22:14

hello Smile

i'm okay good to english, maybe there can be some mistakes but i not the best to spell, but i can speak and hear english very good because i have played for so long in active guilds Smile


Age:16½ Very Happy

Country: Danmark like 80 % of Ravencrest

City: Tullebølle




Race:Night Elf

Armory(main link):http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Ravencrest&n=Lionesse
i can join with a resto shaman if you want i don't care Smile name Evt Wink

Old guilds - the guild i'm in now:

Before TBC, i were in Fatalus 2 to TBC after that i were in imperium (the new Fatalus 2) but it went down after 2 weeks, then i were in imperisus but that went down after 3 weeks and then i join Gathering and i had been there into now were i wanna give a try to a new guild Smile and i have 2 friends in Memento, Zeelin and karateal Smile and my guild is not that active as i'm looking for Smile and i want to down some new boss's in the pve world Smile

play times? / raid ex

I'm on my computer from 15 at cloak to 00 or more if raid is needing me no times were i can't raid in the winter Smile .

Raid ex, zg,ap20,mc,bwl,aq40,naxx,kara,gruul,maggy,ssc(only trys to down lucker, but i have had some trys on 4., 1., 3. boss) and the eye(down void reaver) Smile i have been in Smile

All my chareters and /played and armory links on them:

Lionesse - 70 - hunter (main) 40 days

Evt - 70 - Shaman Resto (alt) 3 days

Gumpen - horde 62 mage, my old main (alt) 61 days

Gumpe - 60 - holy priest (alt) 2 days

and i lave a lot more alt, but they are all under level 32 Smile

My specc

I'm BM right now, because my guild think it is good to pve when you are 4 - 5 hunters in same grp (i think it is to pvp) but if the guild want some ofter specc i respecc instantly Very Happy

well if you want more info you shall just /w me or send me a ingame mail Wink

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PostSubject: Re: Lionesse, huntard ;) *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 23 2008, 22:49

You have been accepted.
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Lionesse, huntard ;) *ACCEPTED*
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