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 Zeropointz - Resto Druid *DECLINED*

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PostSubject: Zeropointz - Resto Druid *DECLINED*   Sun Feb 24 2008, 00:30


IRL Name - Jesper
Age - 18 in a week Smile
Im from Denmark

Character informations.
Class - Restoration Druid
Proffesions - 375 herb and 375 ench
talents - atm pvp specced but i raid with full restoration talents:)

Old Guilds:
Imperium, gnavne gamle mænd, primus, imperiosus and alot of small for fun guilds.

In operation crew I know Karateal, Foozza and Lionesse atm but hopefully I know some more if i join Wink

got all outland heroic keys but dont got any of the pre tbc pre quests done by the reason that I started with wow after.
got raid experience with full karazhan, Zul'aman, gruul and downed lurker in ssc and maggy.

Am able to raid the mostly of the week beside most sundays and mondays (got work pretty early the day after)

my gear is mostly pvp gear since ive'd played fulltime pvp the last month but I got mostly full pve gear, got almost it all from karazhan beside a damn trinket, as ppl always takes from me :p as you can see im not quite slacky with enchants and gems, only at my legs and the reason is that i dont wanna waste all the G on golden spellthread since i hopefully gets some new legs soon.

What I can offer :
i can offer lots of healing :p, got feral gear aswell, mostly from karazhan and boomkin gear with 740 spelldmg without talents, so you can always ask me if I have time for something (but no i wont respec for normal or heroics instances since im not a G botbot :p

think it was it, you can always /w ingame if there is more you wanna know.
btw, I have noticed that when you decline some applications then you never give a reason or what he could do betther for next time, plz do that if you wanna decline me:)

If You Screw Up, You Man up!

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PostSubject: Re: Zeropointz - Resto Druid *DECLINED*   Sun Feb 24 2008, 00:39

I have played with zeropointz since I started with playing World Of warcraft and trust me he is a guy their know how to play his class. He is a very active player I remember in Imperiosus when he got 100% att. and got twice as much dkp as anyone else hehe. But a big /sign from me here and I hope we could use an imba druid as him to improve our guild Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Zeropointz - Resto Druid *DECLINED*   Sun Feb 24 2008, 23:56

Irl friend, signed 100%
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PostSubject: Re: Zeropointz - Resto Druid *DECLINED*   Wed Feb 27 2008, 14:42

i know him, he can play hes class good Smile 1000 % signed ! <3
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PostSubject: Re: Zeropointz - Resto Druid *DECLINED*   Wed Feb 27 2008, 16:45

Im only able to see your pvp gear on armory, can u wisper cossie or lolhaxx ingame. thanks Smile

I do not serve the light, the light serves me!
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PostSubject: Re: Zeropointz - Resto Druid *DECLINED*   

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Zeropointz - Resto Druid *DECLINED*
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