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 Toffefee - Warlock **ACCEPTED**

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PostSubject: Toffefee - Warlock **ACCEPTED**   Mon Feb 25 2008, 00:17

Hello Operation Crew

My name is Nikolaj Vanggard and i'm 16 years old. I do, like the majority of Ravencrest EU, live in Denmark. I live in the northern part of Jutland, in a small town named Saltum. Nothing further exiting about that Smile

I understand english both written and spoken. (top grades in school)

I think you could use be because i'm an active raider, and i know how to controll my class. I have lvl'ed it 100% from 1 to70, and noone else have acces to my acc. The guild progress is considered higher than myself. The very most of my spare time is spended on WoW, so i can have very close to 100% raid att. I'm a helpfull guildie, rdy to boost alts, give free nethers and stuff like that.

My former guild was SURGE, like a lot of other new members of OC. Before SURGE i was in Fearless, a quite crappy Karazhan guild, which also has disbanded.

This char is 100% my main, and i don't focus on anything else atm. I have no alts on this realm, and the one i have is kinda frozen.

I am aff spec atm. It's a allround spec with a adventage in pve. Im considering another aff spec with eighter full melediction/supression or a 0/21/40 destruction spec. Ofc i am ready to respec for the guild.

My /played on this char is 53 days, 32 as lvl 70.

Thats my gear. 1200+ shadowdmg with own buff. I have alternative boots, Boots of the Shifting Nightmare from Hydross the Unstable. Have a little doubt which one to use. I also have kinda full critgear for destruction-spec.
I just wanna add i also have full fire ressi gear for tanking Leothoras the Blind.


Tailoring: 375
Skinning(lol) : 375

Scrayers: Exalted
Cenarion: Exalted
Sha’tar: Exalted
Honor hold: Revered
CoT: Honored
Lower city: Revered

I'm able to use Mark of the Illidari

Hope to hear from you soon Very Happy

Over and out
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Toffefee - Warlock **ACCEPTED**
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