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 Johnnyq - Apllycantion *DECLINED*

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PostSubject: Johnnyq - Apllycantion *DECLINED*   Mon Feb 25 2008, 03:39

- Name, age and country of residence w/ city.
Hi my name is jonathan im 16 years old.
Im living in Danmark ( Copenhagen)

- Have good understanding of English, both written and oral
My english is good since i've been living in USA for almost an Year, so that's np.

- You must be a minimum of 16 years of age.
Im Smile Cool

- Why you think you would fit us (you are active and want results)
I have been playing wow for a long time now. I've been looking for a good guild since i started playing wow my goal with wow is BT ( and Sunday plateau in next pathc)thats why i use all my time on wow to get better gear help friends and so on.
Im always helpfull and if people ask for help im always there.
I look more for the guilds progess then my own that's why u should pick me ( and because im hot Embarassed )

- Your former guilds. And if you are in a guild, tell us why you want to leave it for us.
Im in the guild "The Danish Force".
I wanna leave it becauss i wanna be in a guild with progess and series people,
i wanna raid every day to reach bt.
Im always trying to make something like ZA pug or Hc instance badge farming but the guild arent as series as me Smile

- Your characters. Mains and Alts.
I have a 70 gnome mage ( johnnyQ
53 resto drood ( Shanzo

- Your talent build, and a note if your willing to respec for the good of the guild.

My spec is Arcane frost 40 / 0 / 21 Atm im farming badges so i can respec when the new pathc comes. Ofc i will respec for the guild anytime!

- /played info on your Main and Alts.

I've been playing 38days on my mage ( JohnnyQ
3days on my alt ( Shanzon

- Gear of your main and alts. (armory link is fine )


Ty for taking your time reading it hope u will let me in Very Happy
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Number of posts : 103
Age : 98
Geografisk sted : Dekay Dekay Dekay
Registration date : 2008-02-25

PostSubject: Re: Johnnyq - Apllycantion *DECLINED*   Tue Feb 26 2008, 00:18

Sorry forgot to say i've been raiding Tk - VR ssc - Lurker

Grull cleared
Kara cleared cool Razz
Magtheridon cleared
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Johnnyq - Apllycantion *DECLINED*
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