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 Kilde - prot warrior *ACCEPTED*

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PostSubject: Kilde - prot warrior *ACCEPTED*   Tue Feb 26 2008, 19:40

Me (irl) RL is overrated
Name: Poul, hell ye I'm not joking
Age: 16 years
Location: trapped somewhere in Denmark WtF HaX
Me and WoW: well I spend almost all my time on gearing, laming, walljumping and raiding in wow. All my time = spare time, ofc I gotta go to school, but I assure you it’ll never make me quit a raid if I am needed. I really enjoy raiding, so you’ll get an active raid tank. Not that I’m not online in the time before o rafter raids, I’m almost always online, so grinding/farming mats for enchants and so on wont be a problem.

Name: Kilde - gonna rename it/him or what ever you wanna call a char
Class: Warrior
Spec: Prot - Check the link below if you wanna see the points - I can respec, but it's at your own risk (you dont want me as dps or something like that, trust me!) I use ”alot” of time on setting spec’s also for other ppl, so comments on spec are very welcome
Gear: (armory is lagging like hell atm, but I'll gladly come to you for an inspect, or you can try the armory it up) I can get some resistance gear if needed? I try to get the best gear I can by myself, hope you can see that, by the enchants and gear from badges (not that I dont like to get gear in raid… but just wanted to gief you the info, to show that I’m not a slacker…)
REP: well can use mark of the illidary, and go all hc’s if there’ll ever be problems with my rep, I can just farm it for a couple of days

Guilds I've been in:
Kingdom of hell, Disband
Syntax Error, wasn't in it with this char, but my "old main" TheMig, well Disband
SURGE, well disband I think, wasn't online in those days

Well I've start playing after tbc, ain't got no pre tbc xp... (well I've done DM like 6 times or so!)
Have Xp in:
All HC's... well all does but still...
SSC not the last boss'es
TK (same thing)
Black temble - tryed to go in there, but it doesn't seem to work... must be a bug scratch .

My /played is about 45 days, got alot more on my alt's so it's past 100 if you count them as one.

Why I wanna join, and why you should let me... Cmon Cmon /beg
  • Why I wanna join: well, Had a great time in SURGE, /love progress and the ppl (no I'm not gay, but you know what I mean tongue ), and since almost all the leet ppl have joined.. you know. That you've even better progress is just another big plus. Well you guys are serious...

  • Why I fit: PVE ftw. I can raid every day, but wedensday (and that's only sometimes) I so also greatly share your hunger for progress, and are willig to make the sacrifices. And ofc I focus in raids, else you should go walljumping or something else ImO…

alien <- what kind of smiley is that Shocked

Other stuff
My alt's
  • Palle, paladin - 70 holy - crap gear

  • Potatochip, warlock - 70 aff - ok gear, not for 25-raid

  • TheMig, mage - 70 fire - full epix, hmmm ok for raiding I guess

Ofc I got profs too, but wanted to list it down here, since I got my recipes on TheMig… I got mining (375) skinning (375) on kilde, but on my mage I can make spellstrike- and battlecast hood, free nether ofc.
there's another thing.. it's kinda scary that you have a smily which looks like Son Goku affraid that's the one I'm talking about --> lol!

well I cant really remember anything else you probably wanna know... you can just /w or write below, I'll gladly reply Very Happy

C ya
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PostSubject: Re: Kilde - prot warrior *ACCEPTED*   Wed Feb 27 2008, 06:17

Kilde wrote:
Black temble - tryed to go in there, but it doesn't seem to work... must be a bug scratch .

afro lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Kilde - prot warrior *ACCEPTED*   Wed Feb 27 2008, 16:50

hmm wisper cossie/lolhaxx ingame so i can take a look at your gear.

I do not serve the light, the light serves me!
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PostSubject: Re: Kilde - prot warrior *ACCEPTED*   

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Kilde - prot warrior *ACCEPTED*
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