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 Xwizard - Mage *DECLINED*

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PostSubject: Xwizard - Mage *DECLINED*   Sun Feb 17 2008, 18:01

me. Im 17 years old. my name is muhammed, live in dkdk. whenever im not playing Razz im hangin out with the friends, helping at home etc and working.


lvl 70 mage Xwizard. Also got a lvl 70 shaman horde tho Smile
My spec's well whatever suits the guild best i gues i change alot so its no prob Smile
Gear: Well i have my pvp gear on atm :/ but i asure you my pve gear is just as or even better Smile.
Quepasa 27 drood, the main reason i made that char was becouse me and my friends were joking around and we went into a spanish server, and we herd the word Quepasa, had a big laugh and i made a char with that name Razz 29twink rogue mojoman. 36warrior apocalypto.

Tbc Xp :

Gruuls, Maggy(had a few try's) TK kara and alot of HC's

Pre Tbc
Aq40, ZG, and once in Molten core

The oblivion, got disolved Sad and made no progress, Neutral Nio, some of the officers got in a fight we disolved pretty fast, but we made some progress. Inc slackers, i stopped playing for a while and i left the guild. im currently in Alpha, the GM was on vactation so everything screwed up people left and.

Me expections to this guild.
well a friendly active guild does some raids now and then Surprised

Why you think you would fit us?
I cant say much Razz Im mostly allways prepared for the guild when it needs me, im a focused player
at ways im well prepared with flask elixirs etc Smile

Anyways Thanks to all that red this app Smile
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PostSubject: Declined   Mon Feb 18 2008, 19:43

Sorry, but we are full on mages atm.
GL on finding something u want.
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Xwizard - Mage *DECLINED*
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