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 Osi - mage *ACCEPTED*

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Registration date : 2008-04-24

PostSubject: Osi - mage *ACCEPTED*   Thu Apr 24 2008, 01:39

Name: ian

-Age: 26

-Location: UK

-Connection: 8mb broadband

-Non-WoW Commitments: atm im out of work / looking for work, wednesday & fridays i go out.

My character:

-Class: Draenei Mage

-Race (explain why did you choose it): thought it might be quite unique to play a draenei mage, liked the +1% hit passive hit bonus for groups, from the racial and passive shadow resistance and they have looks.

-Armory link: http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Ravencrest&n=Osi

-Offspec description: currently using a pve frost spec which is maximised, with the presence of frost mages in the raid with winter's chill, for the crit bonus that brings, the character is based around crit, and gains the bonus from arcane power, ice shards and arcane potency. It is also very mana efficient with arcane concentration, meditation, elemental precision and frost channeling, and also benefits from the elemental precision hit bonus bug which currently gives (double) more than stated.

Level 70 Mage (40/0/21)

Arcane (40 points)

Arcane Subtlety - Rank 2/2
Arcane Focus - Rank 5/5
Magic Absorption - Rank 2/5
Arcane Concentration - Rank 5/5
Arcane Impact - Rank 3/3
Arcane Meditation - Rank 3/3
Presence of Mind - Rank 1/1
Arcane Mind - Rank 5/5
Arcane Instability - Rank 3/3
Arcane Potency - Rank 3/3
Arcane Power - Rank 1/1
Spell Power - Rank 2/2
Mind Mastery - Rank 5/5

Fire (0 points)


Frost (21 points)

Improved Frostbolt - Rank 5/5
Elemental Precision - Rank 3/3
Ice Shards - Rank 5/5
Piercing Ice - Rank 3/3
Icy Veins - Rank 1/1
Arctic Reach - Rank 2/2
Frost Channeling - Rank 2/3

-Resistance gears: 3 parts of shadow resistance gear 169 shadow resistance unbuffed.

-Attunements (hyjal ring): i havent killed vashj yet.
-Pre TBC raiding Experience: ZG, MC, BWL, AQ20, AQ40,
-TBC raiding Experience: Kara, ZA, Gruul, mag, TK, SSC, doomwalker & kazzak

-Your playtime:
Monday: 19:00-02:00
Thursday: 19:00-02:00
Sunday: 13:00-02:00

-Why do you wanna join Operation Crew? i would like to get back into raiding again.

-What do you expect from Operation Crew? a friendly guild environment, with ppl i can get on with and enjoy playing and raiding with.

-Do you know anyone in Operation Crew? i think some of ppl in imba might have moved to operation crew

-Why do you wanna leave your current guild(if you're in a guild): Too many current raiders / competition for raid places.

-Xrealm or Ravencrest native? i have played on Arthas US server, as a 60 warlock for a year, before rerolling to kor'gall where i played 2 70 priest holy/shadow and a holy paladin.

-Are you the original owner of this account?: yes

-Total playtime of your character: 56 day 10 hours on this mage.
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Osi - mage *ACCEPTED*
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