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 Sameold - Mage *ACCEPTED*

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PostSubject: Sameold - Mage *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 16 2008, 22:33

Hello Operation bois.

1st ill like to shortly tell abit abouth meself:
my name are Danni and i live in THE mighty dkdk land im 23 yeahs "old" and whenever im not working whit the childrens at the job then i acturly play a computer game called Wow, now that is what ill talk whit ya abouth bom
beside that i ofc are takeing care of my Rl freinds and the place i live at

Chars :

Sameold 70 draenie mage (male) aka the sex bomb affraid
played 75 days- played him pve for the 1st half of tbc then changed to pvp since i allways loved to pvp in wow aswell in other games, anyways u might find hes gear kinda unupdated but gems etc will be fixed in the sek i know i might get inside =)

Leetboi 70droof hunter (male) - need a drink budd
played 23 days pvp mostly but lately some roix allso the Xp for raids on him therefor arent huge thou i get better on rotations etc whit him

lmaobot 53 warlock gnome (my number 4 warlock tbh)
Leetbot 41 Dreanei femalecow
Zaywhat 39 twink rogue (old 29 twink)
monarchseekr 29 druid (horde)
and some nabs pokes

Tbc Xp :

SSc Tk gruul Kz maggybaggy & some world bosses whit my mage sameold 6 month ago

Pre Tbc

bwl aq 40 1st boss zg mc aq20 ony- wasnt that active back then and played whit freinds > progress
Pre tbc i played my old acc whit zameold gnome mage but got haxed and thats why i dont rly have that many alts now

Pre tbc i played whit desice and elysium - when i got the new acc 1 month after tbc came out on za streets i joined the some of the old elysium ppl cus that was the place i had my ingame freinds. called saga now btw- time passas and i joined Aeon took ssc up to wasjh and birdjoe in tk and void ofc then and maggy gruul allso, i was at a point where i missed my friedns ingame and aeon was at a point where it wuld break up so i choose to leave and rejoin saga and play whit the old mates again but now most of them stopped quitted the game etc.

Your talent build, and a note if your willing to respec for the good of the guild.
My specs wil be for the guilds best at all time, respecs arent a problem on samoeld or the leetboi

Why you think you would fit us (you are active and want results)
I think if a guild need progress then it need me, im focus well prepared at all time tacks pots etc its all in the top prio of mine since i done like to be one of the resons that 34 others arent getting a boss down or have crappy tryes, in other words im a 100% focused player when it comes to raids beside that i enjoy the social part of beeing inside a guild, VT and fun in chats etc afro

i have rushed the application abit so if any info arent beeing told here wisp me for it if needed- btw my gems on sameold will be replaced on allmost all items, that will be done as soon as i know anything furter Smile

Anyways hope i havent wasted the time for you bois Gl & Hf
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PostSubject: Re: Sameold - Mage *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 16 2008, 23:18

He seems like a nice player and a friendly person, he will be a good improvement for the guild Very Happy
/sign from me
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PostSubject: Re: Sameold - Mage *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 16 2008, 23:28

i haw played abit with Sameold back when i was in saga! and i know he is a good player Smile
soo /sign
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PostSubject: Re: Sameold - Mage *ACCEPTED*   Wed Feb 20 2008, 17:26

You have been accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: Sameold - Mage *ACCEPTED*   

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Sameold - Mage *ACCEPTED*
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