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 Ramnily - Shadowpriest *ACCEPTED*

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PostSubject: Ramnily - Shadowpriest *ACCEPTED*   Fri Feb 22 2008, 22:20

Personal Info:

Name: Bendik S. Røtnes
Age: 21
Location: Norway (NO WAY)

WoW Setup :

I got all addons needed for PVE and PVP actually.
Threatmeter(omen) bossmod, dps meter. Actionbars unit frames etc.
got both vt and TS all versions. and ofc a mic. am very active on em:)

Why i want to join OC:
Well i have been recomended this guild by several m8's . I can see ur progress is where my eyes are set and feel that its time for me 2 join a progressing guild again. I know several members in this guild and will therefor also feel comfertable joining. I am willing to work to prove my worth and adapt to your culture. I feel that this guild can give as much fun as i can give in return (or visa versa).

Time I play pr week:
It can depend on the week. one week i might got alot of work and school businiss. so it can be from 5 hours to 50hours Razz but i usually play about 40-50... as i said. depends on the week.
I can raid every day a week. but might not show up an every single raid every single week due 2 that i am a working student and in the nationalguard (Heimeværnet on norwegian). but i will do my utterly best for showing up on every raid.

Time played (/played):
119Days (50 ish on 70).

Guilds you were in before and why you left:
Iento (not enough raiding),
SURGE: I was the GM here, and we lost several members due 2 inactivity . So we just disbanned and here i am.

Character related:
Name: Ramnily
Class: Priest
Lvl: 70
Spec: 14/0/47 (shadow)

Equipment status:
Atm i got perfect hit rating, and got 1155 Shadow dammage. i got alot of craftables and have worked for my gear.
If u check my armory i MIGHT b wearing my pvp gear..

Professions and skill lvl:
Enchanting : 375
Tailoring: 375
Cooking: 355
DPS: 4000000 OH MY GAWD!

First aid Skill: 375

Instance Experience(both pre TBC and after):
ok. for beein a pretbc hardcore dude. here goes:)
Following on farm : aq20. zg, MC, BWL, AQ40,
Naxx barely tried it pretbc.

Kara cleared,
ZA 4 first down
Gruuls down
Mag down
TK: void down
Ssc: Hydross down, lurker down, tried Leo and morogrim.
Hogger, wiped at 5% but i hope for a down soon

Reputation of my character regarding :
Honor Hold: Exalted
Cenarion Expedition: revered(embarresing, dont ask)
Lower City: Exalted
Sha'tar: Exalted
Keepers of Time: Revered
Scryers : Exalted

Alternative Characters I have (class/lvl/spec):
64 Hunter BM atm.. thats it.

What i feel i can bring for OC:
I can raidlead if its needed, I am 375 enchanter and tailorer. I have experience with beein CL and GM. I am satisfied with my DPS as shadow and i am allways prepared for raids with pots,flasks,food and have read study all taccs.
I dont rly care about loot at all. i care more for the guilds overall progress and satus.

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PostSubject: yoo ram   Sat Feb 23 2008, 00:08

finaly i see you came to senses and applied, gief imba shadowprest!
Raminly is a cool and nice guy, active and knows how to play his priest
Hopefully i see you get in, and we can pawn some more bosse together Very Happy

gogo! cheers

- Tisse "god so imba" fant
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PostSubject: Re: Ramnily - Shadowpriest *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 23 2008, 00:17

can i bribe u to get in my grp for every raid then ill sign king

gief endless mana!
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PostSubject: Re: Ramnily - Shadowpriest *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 23 2008, 00:40


Well u gotta bribe the RL then:P since he is the one that makes ze groops.
and bribing in mmorpg?? Razz rp realms are Arrow Arrow wayy Razz

nah but 4real i can b in whatever groop as long as i get a resto shamm than my day is set(manatide ftw)
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PostSubject: :)   Sat Feb 23 2008, 03:41

Nice apply i would say, i know Ramnily a bit from Surge, i would say he's dps is far better than what i've infact seen on any other shadow priest Smile

Gl from here, and you got my vote Smile

Weird, i know...
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PostSubject: Re: Ramnily - Shadowpriest *ACCEPTED*   Sat Feb 23 2008, 12:22

You have been accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: Ramnily - Shadowpriest *ACCEPTED*   

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Ramnily - Shadowpriest *ACCEPTED*
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