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 Delongê - Paladin *ACCEPTED*

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PostSubject: Delongê - Paladin *ACCEPTED*   Sun Feb 24 2008, 19:31

Name: Andreas
Age: 18
Country: Norway - in the mountains.

Why should you pick me?
I'm active, online almost every hour, every day. I wan't to help the guild to experience the most of the raiding contents in Burning Crusade before Wrath of the FishKing releases. I can offer you a 80-100% raid attendance. I'm always potted, well fed and scrolled to every raid. I'm able to be paladin class leader if you're in need of one since I can almost everything about my class, and willing to learn more. AND I'm a retribution paladin, I can offer you a +155 mp5 to all casters in the raid, 200 hpp5 to everyone, 3% more crit, lots of judgements on the bosses/trash mobs, and a stable 900-1200 dps.

Former guilds: Iento and SURGE
Left iento with some RL friends to create SURGE.
Leaving SURGE because everything is standing still, no progression at all. And the fact that SURGE disbanded recently due to several reasons.

Alt characters:
A green geared lvl 39 female dwarf hunter named Hôrde. 10 days /played
Nerfmybank, ...my bank ofc.

Inside Operation crew I know lots of people. Whittler, Nasari, Ramnily, Helindi etc. You won't regret that you picked them in your guild btw :-)

Talent build:
Atm I'm going for a 5/8/48 retribution spec. I'm willing to respec to Holy if needed with my +1800 healing gear.

/played 81 days total, and 51 days in lvl 70

My armory profile (I think I'm holyspecced on Armory, but I got the gear on.)

PreTBC - AQ40, MC, Ony, Bwl, A bit of naxx.
TBC - Kara, Gruul, Magtheridon, SSC and TK. Done Doom lord Kazzak to.

I think you should pick me because I'm a dedicated player, follows orders without a single "no", love to raid, love to chat with guildies, and as written before; I wanna experience (and help others to experience) the TBC raiding contents.
I'm helping others out when it's needed, I love to roleplay. AND I'm very interested in Operation Crew, the insane progress the not-so-many-days-old guild have. :-)

And by now I say farewell and pray on my knees for a spot in Operation Crew. /salute

- Delongê, Champion of the Naaru.

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PostSubject: Re: Delongê - Paladin *ACCEPTED*   Sun Feb 24 2008, 20:06

Wonderful paladin, knows everything there is to know about his class, been all specs, and played them well.
Old member too!

Got my vote at least!

ps: who said paladin can't dps? Delongê has proven them all wrong.
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PostSubject: Re: Delongê - Paladin *ACCEPTED*   Sun Feb 24 2008, 20:07

And yes, I fail at linking armory links. Here you go :-)

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PostSubject: Re: Delongê - Paladin *ACCEPTED*   Sun Feb 24 2008, 21:20

very nice pally^^
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PostSubject: Re: Delongê - Paladin *ACCEPTED*   Sun Feb 24 2008, 22:01

You have been accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: Delongê - Paladin *ACCEPTED*   

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Delongê - Paladin *ACCEPTED*
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