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 Swipê - Rogue *DECLINED*

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Swipê -

PostSubject: Swipê - Rogue *DECLINED*   Sun Feb 24 2008, 20:33

- Name, age and country of residence w/ city. Hello my name is Christoffer and i am from Norway, in the big town Oslo. And i have a lot of facilities in my life.

- Have good understanding of English, both written and oral
I can speak English and write. I understand English to.

- You must be a minimum of 16 years of age.Yes i am 16 years old

- Why you think you would fit us (you are active and want results)
My career at WoW started as a noob rouge, with a loot of bad pvp and pve experience. I had bad gear and very low enjoy of playing the game. But the time did come for me when i joined SURGE, at the start my skills was 10% and the end 100%. My damage was very low on the start, but the end i was 1-3 on some of the boss. I started to build up my skilz as sword pve rogue, and now i can play it good. But my damage was no good all the time, i had some bad damage on Void Reaver and Hydross. But the point of understand the boss's is not top for a sword pve rogue who need rupture and slice and dice XXX. So my point is, i will improve my damage, and my talents in this guild, but i cant say i have noob damage as rogue.

- Your former guilds. And if you are in a guild, tell us why you want to leave it for us. I was in SURGE, and the reason of the disband i think was not enough raid time. And ofc i understand why.

- Your characters. Mains and Alts.
My main character is Swipê, and i have insane nice 29 twink Eekbob

- Your talent build, and a note if your willing to respec for the good of the guild.My talent is 20-41 (Assassination/combat) and ofc i am willing to respec for the good of the guild

- /played info on your Main and Alts.
Swipê: 65days, and 21 days in 70. My alt is 6days of hard work:)

- Gear of your main and alts. (armory link is fine)
I have some bad gear, but its soon gone.

Free text: I am friendly and like to listen. I have a lot of questions sometimes, and thats to much for someone. I dont speak so much on ventrilo reason maby ashamed hehe:P. For some people i am ass in the dick, and thats just becouse i like to talk for the right as a rogue. But why i will join the guild, its not just gear its to work and do a good job as a rogue, with result. And i like to have fun sometimes.

This is not a big application becouse its the 3 time i write it. I dont understand the system:P, and this is the background information of me:)

Heartly SwipêSmile
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PostSubject: Re: Swipê - Rogue *DECLINED*   Wed Feb 27 2008, 16:59

Re apply when u have fixed the bad gear and a armory link. untill then good luck Wink

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Swipê - Rogue *DECLINED*
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